Is Your Soul Mate’s Ex-Girlfriend an Issue?

Is your soul mate’s ex-girlfriend an issue? Is your soul mate’s ex-girlfriend causing problems in your relationship? Is she jealous of what you and your soul mate have and trying to ruin it? Is she having problems letting go and wants him back? Does your soul mate’s ex-girlfriend blame you…

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Soul Mate Connection: Strong or Weak?

Soul Mate Connections

Soul mates often speak of the strong soul mate connection they feel towards one another. Very often they feel as if they have no control over the thoughts or emotions they feel for their soul mate . They may even try and walk away from a soul mate but the connection pulls them…

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Getting Divorced for a Soul Mate

Getting divorced was something you should have done a long time ago. You may have decided to settle for a marriage with no romance to stay together as a family, thinking it would be good for the kids. There are a million different reasons you could stay in a marriage…

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