Twin flames

Twin flames

How Can I Meet My Twin Flame?

How can I meet my twin flame?

When will I meet my twin flame?


Those questions are among the most often asked when it comes to twin flame relationships. We believe twin flames and soul mates are two different things. Twin flames are incredibly rare connections, while soul mates relationships are more common. But for either one, you don’t have to concern yourself with wondering how or when the meeting will take place.


If you are constantly obsessed with thinking When will I meet my twin flame? we can pretty much guarantee it won’t happen. Think about what you are doing. If you have been blessed with the gift of a twin flame, you will be very spiritually evolved. You would be coming from a place of faith, not ego. Failure to leave the Universe in control of what it has created shows a lack of faith and a desire for control.


How Can I Meet My Twin Flame?

        How Can I Meet My Twin Flame?

This is someone working from ego. If you expect to meet your twin flame, you have to let your ego go. You have to have faith that the universe knows best, and has a plan. You may not understand the plan, know about the plan, or agree with the plan. But that is not up to you, and you have to let that go. If you believe there is a reason for everything, and that everything happens for a reason, then you must believe that there is a reason you have yet to meet your twin flame.


The best way to meet your twin flame and to prepare for your twin flame’s arrival is to simply enjoy and enrich your life. Now is the time to pursue self discovery and follow your passions. Contributing to the world around you and connecting with as many like souls as possible is another great way to prepare. Twin flames tend to be of like mind and are concerned with the world around them. They want to make their mark on the world by giving back and helping as much as possible.


So how can you meet your twin flame? The first thing you should do stop using the word “how”. There is no how. The universe can make anything happen, so having you meet your twin flame is a piece of cake. If you are spiritually evolved, you already know that, so drop your ego, your desire for control and your impatience. This can actually be preventing the universe from allowing you and your twin flame to connect right now.


You, or they, may still may have some growth to do, before the Universe actually allows the crossing of your paths. If you have faith that you will meet your twin flame, true faith is all you need. You should be confident that your twin flame will arrive at the right time, and there is no need for you to worry about how or when. Keep the knowledge in the back of your mind and go about living and growing and learning.


Don’t worry about how and when you can meet your twin flame, because the universe will do it when they find the timing is right.

Stalking Your Twin Flame Through Social Media

Stalking your twin flame through social media can be tempting, but probably not something you need to be engaged in. Do you find yourself checking their social media accounts constantly looking for information or pictures, to see how they are doing or what they are up to? Are you terrified your twin flame may be seeing someone else so you continue stalking their social media accounts to find out?


Does stalking your twin flame through their social media make you feel somehow closer to them or further apart? Does stalking your twin flame via social media really benefit your life or state of mind in any way? Most likely it does not, and this behavior often causes more misunderstandings and problems than we can begin to enumerate. If you are stalking your twin flame on social media, obviously there is a bigger issue already in your relationship. Stalking them on social media won’t remove the problem, but only add to it.

Stalking Your Twin Flame Through Social Media

Stalking Your Twin Flame Through Social Media


First and foremost, twin flames don’t need to engage in this type of activity. Twin flames may have periods of separation, but they don’t stress out about them. They are not insecure and have complete faith the period of separation is temporary.


Soul mates, on the other hand, tend to react differently. During periods of separation there is a lot of anxiety, stress, insecurity and depression. Soul mates encounter tests and challenges in order to grow both separately and together. Twin flames don’t really need to be tested, because they have learned their lessons during prior soul mate relationships.


Soul mates don’t have enough faith in themselves, their soul mate, or their connection to rise above stress and insecurity. So twin flames would not find themselves stalking social media accounts. Soul mates are another story. They often stalk social media and every way they can think of to find out what is going on with a soul mate. Why? Because their insecurities need to be fed.


They are not trying to rid themselves of it, instead they choose to feed it. They may feel the “pull” to do it, and think it is their intuition or their connection. It isn’t. It is the loud voice of insecurity and fear talking. Once in a while a soul mate, or twin flame, may feel a pull to stalk one time here or there, but what we are talking about is doing it constantly.


Sometimes people play games on social media. Actually, most social media is fake and game playing. Very little of it is reality, and it is never the whole story or picture. Some people use social media to play games with their soul mate. They may try to make them jealous. They post messages with hidden meanings, but twin flames would never do this. This type of nonsense is not worth your time or energy. It is actually a part of the problem.


How can you fix anything if you can’t come right out and say it? Why would you post things to piss someone off rather than talk it out? Social media is not the place to air out your private issues, although many millions don’t have an issue with doing so. If you want the truth, get it from the source, not social media. If you want to fix things, meet in person, not on Facebook. If you want to talk, speak to one another. Don’t do it through social media. Most relationships would be better off if both parties just deleted all their social media and dealt with the real people in their lives.


A Twin Flame is a Mirror

A twin flame mirror will be your mirror, very much like a soul mate. It is not just the mirroring of our behaviors, tastes, and experiences, but of ourselves as a whole. It is a true reflection of your inner and outer self being reflected back to you through the divine twin flame connection. At the first moments of interacting with a twin flame, we may be stricken with amazing similarities. Twin flames usually discover they have taken the same twists and turns on their individual journeys through life. We may have had similar experiences in our lives that are quite unusual for most people.


We may learn our twin flame has the same moral compass, plans for the future and personal goals very similar to our own. At first it might appear sheer coincidence, but at some point, coincidence goes right out the window. You know this is your twin flame, because you appear to have been mirroring each other for quite some time. Because there are so many parallels and so much synchronicity between you, you know they really get you on a deeper level.  


A Twin Flame is a Mirror

A Twin Flame is a Mirror

You may discover there were many times you were in the same place or town at the same time. There may have been places that you loved to go, and so did they, but you never ran into one another, because it was not yet time to connect. Your lives, and the mirroring of each other, have set you up for your first encounter. You could be from completely different countries, speak different languages, have been raised with different religions, yet the mirroring with your twin flame is still present. The mirror, and similar life experiences between twin flames actually strengthens the bond they share. The sense of understanding and safety often makes each twin flame feel comfortable in not only looking into the mirror of their twin flame, but looking deeper into themselves. 


Even twin flames are not perfect people as they remain two individuals with a shared twin flame destiny. They may also have moments where they expose a side of themselves to the other that isn’t exactly pretty.  Due to the mirroring nature of twin flame relationships both well be able to experience personal growth from addressing negative behavior patterns. What they see in one another they also see in themselves, whether that is good or bad. A simple example would be: your twin flame gets frustrated in traffic and becomes snippy with you when you ask a question. And you then get snippy right back. You reacted to what was being reflected to you. but are being shown you both need to deal with frustrations in a better, more adult, way. You will see the similarities in how you both handle frustration and the hurt that frustration causes one another. The mirror helps you each grow separately and as well as together as you work through the issues reflected in the mirror. 


Do You Need a Twin Flame or is a Soul Mate Enough?

Twin flame and soul mate relationships have replaced our ideas of romantic partnerships. Many people seem to be unsatisfied with regular “mundane” relationships and have the illusion twin flame and soul  mate relationships are more fulfilling. But which is better? Is a twin flame relationship better than a soulmate relationship, or vice versa?


First of all to even believe in the concept of twin flame or soul mate relationships you have to believe in reincarnation. For soul mate and twin flame relationships to occur we have to incarnate, on the earthly plane, through many life times to have experiences with the same souls over and over again. If you have a problem with reincarnation due to religious dogmas, the idea of soul mates and twin flames is probably not for you.

Do You Need a Twin Flame or is a Soul Mate Enough?

Do You Need a Twin Flame or is a Soul Mate Enough?

There are many differences between soul mates and twin flames.  We usually only meet a twin flame partner when we have passed through many lifetimes, and soul mate relationships, and become an advanced soul. We meet soul mates in many different forms in our lives but the soul mate romantic partners are usually the ones who provide us the greatest opportunity for personal growth. Soul mate relationships can be very difficult but you will never get to the twin flame relationship until you have forged through many soul mates.


People ask us, when they are in a soul mate relationship, if they should continue in that relationship or wait for their twin flame. The logical answer to that is if you are in a happy relationship and there is a good connection between the two of you why would you want to end it to wait for a twin flame to enter your life.  Not everyone will meet a twin flame partner in this lifetime. Its just not possible. Even though a lot of twin flames are experiencing the twin flame reunion than ever before, many of us just won’t meet our twin flame because  we are not spiritually ready, even though we may think we are. The spiritual answer is there is a reason why the two of you are together for this moment in time.


Likewise people insist that they are in a twin flame relationship when in truth it isn’t a twin flame connection. When we tell them it is a soul mate connection they have to their romantic partner, they often get defensive. The reality is many people have misconceptions about twin flame relationships and believe a super charged connection automatically makes it a twin flame relationship. This is simply not so. Furthermore, many people who are in an intense soul mate relationship can confuse it with a twin flame relationship.


There are many soul mate tests that must be passed before you are ready for a twin flame relationship. Some of the lessons will be very challenging and difficult to learn as they embody embracing the concepts of unconditional love, patience and forgiveness. Many people have a difficult time detaching from their soul mate during times of separation or break-up and can become obsessed with winning them back. Twin flames, if separated for a time, have faith in the connection and that the souls will eventually reunite. This only comes from experiences learned in prior relationships. The soul mate relationship is where we learn the lessons and the twin flame relationship is where we apply the lessons.


If you are experiencing a soul mate relationship in your life right now you signed up for it before you were born. There is a reason you both decided to find each other in this life time and experience your connection. Rather than focusing on whether you would be better off in a twin flame relationship, it is really in your best interest to focus on the life lessons before you created by your soul mate experience. They are in your life for a reason. Perhaps the soul mate relationship will last. Then again perhaps it is preparing you to meet your twin flame.


The real question we need to ask ourselves, however, is do we really need a twin flame or soul mate in our lives to have a happy romantic relationship? If you are with someone who makes you happy and respects you, does it matter if they came with a label of JOE? The spiritual and metaphysical world has become so wrapped up on labelling everything some people miss the point entirely. The relationship, not matter its definition, is in your life for a reason. Discover that reason and enjoy your time with them.


Twin Flame Signs: How to Tell if You are in a Twin Flame Relationship

There are many twin flame signs that define a twin flame relationship. Some people like to call this the twin flame reunion, or twin soul reunion, but when there are two people sharing their lives, it is a relationship. So for simplicity and lack of confusion we will use twin flame relationship. There are many twin flame signs that will allow you to determine if you are in a twin flame relationship:

  • You met your romantic partner under unusual circumstances, that would not seem possible, unless it was guided and directed by the Universe or higher power. In other words, it would seem impossible to meet  your twin flame unless something greater than yourselves had something to do with bringing you together. In order to facilitate a twin flame reunion or meeting, the Universe has things in place for decades before you cross paths.
  • You met your twin flame when you were not looking for a romantic partner. Usually if you are out there looking for your twin flame, chances are you will not find them. A twin flame is not someone you can seek out if you truly understand the dynamic of a twin flame relationship. It is someone who is brought to you, by the Universe.
  • It is likely that your twin flame will be from a different culture or country, although that is not a requirement. You will have different upbringings and backgrounds, perhaps from different social classes. Even though these surface differences could be significant between you, the significance is to recognized the similarities on much deeper, even spiritual, levels.
  • When you meet your twin flame there could be a sense of immediate recognition, as if you have known this person before, although you have never met on the earthly plane. Some people misinterpret this as ‘love at first site’. This experience is different for everyone. Some people feel electrified at the first meeting of their twin flame, an exhilaration as their spirit quickens at the soul recognition of their twin flame. Others can feel a sense of deep wonder at what is happening in their lives while some may feel an intense desire to merge (sexually) with the twin flame who has now entered their life.
Twin flame signs

Twin Flame Signs

  • As your twin flame enters your life, you will begin to incorporate many changes to become the best version of yourself. This can be anything from self improvement, education, expansion of your career, taking better care of yourself or just about anything that will encourage your personal growth. Meeting the twin flame ignites something within you that makes you want to transform yourself, even though your twin may not be present in your daily life.
  • Once you meet your twin flame, you may not be able to be together right away because there are situations to be resolved before you can be together. For instance, one (or both) of you may already be in a relationship or married to someone else. Also if you met under unusual circumstances or in a foreign country there will be periods of time where you have to live your regular lives without being in each other’s presence. These, as well as many other, issues may need to be addressed before the two of you can be together as a couple.
  • Separation from your twin flame will be bittersweet. Once the connection to the twin has been made, you will want to very much keep that connection alive because now you have felt the connection with your twin flame, when you are separated it can be difficult. Due to the twin flame connection, you are able to feel your twin flame empathically, perhaps communicate telepathically and more than likely share the same dreams. So even though their is separation in the physical world, the connection is very much alive in the spiritual world.
  • During periods of separation from your twin flame, you do not find yourself obsessing about them, even though you may miss them because you are aware the connection is very much alive. There is no sense of clinginess, neediness or desire from validation from your twin flame because there is a knowing you have found your twin flame and that destiny, fate, whatever you want to call it, are all working toward bringing the two of you together.
  • There is an extreme level and comfort, openness and trust in a twin flame relationship. You will be able to talk to each other about anything, without  judgment with a true outpouring of unconditional love and acceptance for each other.
  • Your lives seem to parallel one another. Twin flames often realize they had similar experiences at the same time in their lives even though they may have been born with big age differences at different places on the planet.
  • The most important of the twin flame signs is that you will work together to bring something useful to the world. The twin flame relationship is not for your own personal enjoyment, although these relationships are enjoyable. The two of you, through your twin flame contract, will provide a gift to the world, in some way, shape or form, whether that be caring for others, writing a book or other creative work, doing something to help animals or anything else that contributes to the betterment of the planet.

There may be other twin flame signs that we have not discussed in this posting so keep checking back as there will be a follow up blog to twin flame signs.

The Purpose of a Twin Flame Relationship

Many people have somewhat of a misconception of the purpose of a twin flame relationship. Most people operate under the misconception that a twin flame relationship is a deeply connected intimate relationship where the two of you share each other’s thoughts, complete each other’s sentences, have the best sex of your lives and both of your grand mothers are named Mary. Well these are all very nice thoughts and certainly nice to have in your life, the purpose of a twin flame relationship goes much deeper than that. And if it didn’t it would not really be a twin flame relationship.


The Purpose of a Twin Flame Relationship

The Purpose of a Twin Flame Relationship

There seems to be some confusion between soulmate relationships and twin flame relationships. Soulmate relationships are more for the individuals, for their personal growth, spiritual growth and positive evolution of their souls through the experiences they have with that soulmate. When it comes to the purpose of a twin flame relationship, however, it is much more profound because you are contributing to mankind as a whole, the the experiences you gain in that twin flame relationship. This of course does not indicate that there will not be plenty of personal growth in a twin flame relationship, because there will, as you will both be mirrors to reflect the good, as well as the not so good, that needs to be addressed in each other. The purpose of a twin flame relationship is moreso to bring some sort of gift to the world through your partnership with your twin flame.


The main purpose of a twin flame relationship is to bring something of value into the world. Not to the relationship, not to you, not to your twin flame but to the world as a whole. Now this could be something where the two of you work together to help others for example, working as missionaries in a third world country. But it does not have to necessarily be something like that. It could also be a creative project you both work on together that will be well received by people and help elevate their consciousness or bring about positive change in their lives. On the other hand, perhaps you marry and have a child who ends up being the greatest composer since Mozart, who can deliver great music to the world. Regardless of what it is, there will be a soul gift that is given to the world which is the purpose of a twin flame relationship. We must also consider that perhaps the twin is not yet ready to bring their soul gift to the world which will create issues and problems between you, which is a topic we will cover in a later posting.


As the course of your relationship develops you will learn or figure out what this soul gift is. On the other hand, you may meet as a result of already being in your soul path of delivering your soul gift to the world. We must be very clear here so we will reiterate, a twin flame relationship has to have a purpose and that purpose is not so you can have a fulfilling intimate connection to another human. If there is not a soul purpose for the two of you to be in a relationship together, it will still be a great relationship, but perhaps a soulmate relationship or just a regular mundane relationship.


If you need help figuring out if you are in a twin flame relationship or a soulmate relationship book a twin flame psychic reading with Sarah or Sophia. If you are currently in a twin flame relationship but not totally sure what the purpose of a twin flame relationship is, they will be able to provide guidance and insight to getting you on the right path.

Is Love Enough to Keep Your Twin Flame Relationship Alive?

Many people in twin flame relationships believe love is all they need, and with the connection they share with the one they love, their relationship will prevail. For some reason,  people seem to believe that love is all you need. They believe love that is meant to be will be, and that love conquers all.  Those statements, although very romantic, are not realistic. Life happens, and even the best of couples can get torn apart. Love is not always enough and does not always survive unscathed. A twin flame psychic reading can often be a real eye opener for many clients. They were under the assumption that nothing could destroy their relationship, and that is simply not true. How we behave and the things we say and do have a direct affect on our love and relationships. If the connection between you and your soulmate or twin flame is so strong, why are you apart? Why are you and your twin flame or soulmate not communicating properly? Why are you and your soulmate or twin flame growing further apart?


Twin flame psychic reading with twin flame psychic

Is Love Enough to Keep Your Twin Flame Relationship Alive?

People believe that soul mates and twin flames always work things out and there are no obstacles they cannot overcome, simply because they are deeply connected. When it comes to love, it does not always keep us together, get us back together, or keep us from breaking up. People can start a relationship, develop feelings for one another, but for one reason or another, the relationship ends. A twin flame psychic reading can help your relationship weather the storms and survive the bumps in the road along the way. Life is not always easy, and can be very hard, just like matters of the heart. All relationships will have their ups and downs, but if your relationships has extreme highs and extreme lows, you may need some help to level that pace. The extreme highs do not, and should not make up for the extreme lows. Your relationship should not go to extreme lows in the first place, and a twin flame psychic reading can help you get to the root of the problems so you can avoid those lows as best as possible. Some things are out of our control, but what IS in your control you CAN control.


Our desire and need for others is what sustains us through and supports us through our daily lives. We should not leave it to fate, chance, or destiny to decide if our love will grow, or survive.  Don’t keep yourself from doing what you can to successfully maintain a loving relationship with your soulmate or twinflame. Take charge of the most important relationship in your life and do whatever you can to allow it to flourish, rather than wither. What can you do to keep things moving in the right direction? A twinflame psychic reading can help you protect the most important relationships in your life, and the keep the people you feel for most in your life.


Love may not be enough, but with some work, effort, and the guidance of twin flame psychic readings, you can now have all you need to keep your love alive. Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise have helped many couples keep their relationship on track, and kept the feelings between them growing and evolving.

Twin Flame Psychic Reading

Many people seek  guidance with  a twin flame psychic reading. Twin Flame relationships are very special because the connection of these relationships goes beyond what is felt in a normal mundane relationship, or even a soulmate relationship. During your twin flame psychic reading you will gain clarity and understanding into your twin flame relationship. A twin flame psychic can offer insight into your twin flame connection, and valuable advice about twin flames, twin flame relationships and how they work. There are a lot of misconceptions about twin flame relationships. People often confuse them with soulmate relationships where there are a lot of challenges that must be overcome. Sure soulmate relationships do bring a lot of obstacles into our lives, but a true twin flame relationship is one where both parties are aware of the connection from the start.

Twin Flame relationships are the most deeply felt relationship connections of all. Some clients have described it as the most meaningful relationship of their life. We understand what they mean when it comes to their twin flame, and what a relationship like that is like. A twin flame is also sometimes called a twin soul or twin soul life partner.

twin flame psychic Reading

Twin Flame Psychic Reading

A twin flame psychic reading you will learn if the person you believe is your twin flame really is your twin flame. Some people believe in twin flames, and some do not. You do not have to believe in twin flames for you to meet your twin flame in this lifetime. Many clients have worried “What if my twin flame does not believe in twin flames? Will that keep us from meeting and having a relationship?”. The answer is no. You need not worry about the faith or belief your twin flame has or does  not have.

You may not like what is revealed in your twin flame psychic reading. No one wants to hear that the person that they thought was their twin flame really is not. Twin flame psychic readings can help empower you rather than weaken you during this tough wait. Don’t worry that you may never meet your twin flame in this lifetime. Some of us will, but some of us will not. It really depends how far along we are on our own spiritual journey and our depth of spiritual evolution.

A twin flame psychic reading will provide the help, guidance and insight you need. Twin Flame psychics, Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise, are here to help you with a personalized, professional, accurate twin flame psychic reading. A twin flame psychic reading can help you understand the connection between you and your twin flame and reveal the unique gifts the two of you will share as a couple.

Love and Fear: Which Do YOU Have?

The universe is dualistic. Dualism implies there are two parts: good and evil, yin and yang, spirit and matter, black and white, love and fear. To live in the light you must understand the darkness, when you are in darkness you have experienced the light. Love and fear are the only emotions we really experience, with all others being a subset of love or fear. The components of love are joy, peace, tranquility and compassion. But pessimism, depression and anxiety belong to fear. You can not have both. If you feel peace, you can not feel anxious. If you feel depressed you can not feel joy.

twinflame psychic reading love and fear

Love and Fear? Choose Love!

Fear and love do not coexist, they are mutually exclusive. When you are fearful you are not truly experiencing love and if you are experiencing love, your fears are gone. Love is light, and when we live from that place of love, we are living in the light.


And the same holds true with your relationships. In your romantic relationships, or any other relationships for that matter, are you dwelling in a place of fear? Or love? Do you find yourself doing things or worrying about things that you normally would not do? Do you over analyze everything he says and does? Do you have a good time together but wonder if he REALLY is having as good a time as you are? Do you constantly look for reassurance of his feelings? Are you threatened by every female he comes into contact with? You are not reacting upon your feelings of love for him, you are reacting to your fear of losing him. For whatever the reason, good or bad, you fear that when put to the test to prove that he really loves you, he will fail miserably. So what do you do? You try and remove all the tests, or you may even test him yourself. Does any of that really do any good? Does it help you alleviate your fears? Not really. What it does do is keep you in a place of fear, and your relationship is no longer based upon love, but fear of losing the one you love/fear.


Let’s say you met a guy named Steve and things have been going well between the two of you. You may find yourself looking for clues that he may not be what he seems, and think he may be less than honest even though he has given you no reason to think that. You may be holding back your own feelings because you are afraid he is not developing any, and decide to appear more aloof. You don’t ever initiate anything because you don’t want to make a fool out of yourself if he doesn’t like you as much as you like him. Then, one day, Steve tells you this is not working for him, and he thinks you should part ways. He tells you that you seem to lack chemistry and a connection and he doesn’t think the relationship will go anywhere. A part of you is thinking “I KNEW IT”, but when he goes on to explain that he thought you didn’t like him because you did nothing to show it you realize your FEAR just screwed up the whole thing, not STEVE. You were so afraid to put yourself out there, take a chance, and show him you liked him. What you wound up doing was making Steve think you were not really into him and never would be, and you made your fears a reality because now Steve is convinced you two are not right for each other. Your fear just lost you a potential relationship.


Some fears are healthy in relationships and other areas of our lives. If you really love someone, you should have a rational fear that you could lose them if you do obviously stupid things like cheat on them, steal their money, or run their mother over with a tractor. We should all have a healthy fear of losing the things that we value and make us happy. But what about the fear of losing things that are essentially worthless? Sounds stupid doesn’t it? Who would have a fear of losing something worthless? You are not worried late at night and losing sleep because someone may steal your garbage are you? No. But when it comes to relationships, people are afraid of losing either something they don’t really have, or something they shouldn’t want in the first place.


Time and time again we have heard someone say “He is so mean to me, he says terrible things and calls me horrible names, does nothing for me only takes from me, cheats on me, disrespects me, has no time for me, blah blah blah”. When their reading reveals what they need to do to change it or that they need to let go, we often hear “But I am afraid of losing him”. Excuse me, why would you be afraid of losing such a hideous relationship? Why would you even want it in the first place? Shouldn’t you be afraid of remaining in that relationship more than you should be afraid of losing it? What are you really afraid of? Being alone? Starting over? Admitting you wasted time and made mistakes being with this person? Either way, you have to deal with that fear because it is getting you into and remaining in relationships that are making you miserable.


twinflame psychic reading love and fear

Love and Fear

Fear can make us do smart things, but in relationships, more often than not, fear makes us do really really REALLY stupid things. In real life, if you are on a boat and see a dorsal fin of a shark, your fear should keep you from diving in and getting eaten. This is where fear is helpful. But when your fear of losing someone causes you to wake them up at 4am, the night before their big meeting, because you need to talk about your feelings RIGHT NOW or you decide it is time to pick a fight, your fears just made you an imbecile. Fear makes people do stupid things like check the dark basement armed with nothing but a flashlight when they hear a loud noise resembling a monster or intruder.


It is the same in relationships, because fear makes people do things that often make their fear a reality, or a bigger nightmare than they could imagine. We have spoken to many clients who have put themselves into a state of financial ruin because of fear. For example, let’s say the one you love counts on you financially. The relationship itself sucks, and they treat you like crap, but when they need money for rent or their cel phone, they come to you. They make you feel that if you do not help them financially, the relationship will be over. Your fear of losing the relationship has you forking over your hard earned cash in an effort to keep it. Now, if you are going to buy something, don’t you look at the price and see if it is really worth spending your money on? If you are paying for a man to stay with you, shouldn’t you be getting your moneys worth? If he treats you like crap and you are paying his bills you are getting ripped off my friend. He should be treating you like gold, not like garbage. You can’t buy someones love, and if you try, you should see right away that it doesn’t work.


When we feel insecure, lacking confidence and have abandonment issues, we do not make the best romantic partner. When you project joy and tranquility you give off a vibe that is much more attractive than someone who is pessimistic and depressed. When you project joy (and l therefore love) you walk with your head up, you smile, you are kind if someone accidentally runs into you in the grocery store, for example. When you are in a negative space (or in the place of fear) you walk with your head down and ram every man woman and child who gets in your way in the produce department. Would you want to date someone who is depressed, insecure or without confidence? Wouldn’t you rather date someone who is happy, confident and self assured? (and we do mean confident, not to be confused with egotistical).


If you ask a man what qualities in a woman he finds repugnant and repulsive as opposed to attractive, you may hear things like “needy, clingy, psycho, immature,and drama queen”. All of those qualities come from a place of fear. Only a woman who is afraid is needy, clingy, psycho, immature or a drama queen. Jealousy can be normal and not affect a relationship in a negative way, it is only when major fear is added does the jealousy get out of hand and ultimately ruin the relationship. Your jealousy comes from a fear of losing him to another, but acting over-the-top due to that fear can run him right into the arms of another woman.


We talk to so many people who are in good relationships but their own insecurities, low self esteem, abandonment issues and other fears and phobias, can actually prevent the relationship from growing. If you are stuck in this place of fear, how can the love you have in your relationship grow? It can’t, and it won’t. Our challenge through all of this is to work on ourselves working through our fears, phobias and insecurities, so that love can grow. By releasing your fear, you release your death grip on the energy of the relationship. Of course we understand you love him and want to be with him, but if the fear of losing him is stronger than the love you have for him, you are living from a fear based perspective. All you will manifest from this position is more fear. And that fear will more than likely bring the relationship to an end. If you feel you can’t live without someone you are operating from place of fear. If you feel you need to control someone or the relationship you are coming from a place of fear. We realize you love him, but your fear is the very thing that is pushing him away and creating the disharmony in the relationship. Address your fear. Face it head on. Now this is not an easy place to get to, but when you can do that, love comes in and takes over because you love yourself more than you fear losing the dude. You may love him, but what about loving yourself?

If fear is ruining your relationship take all the focus off the guy, and focus it on yourself instead. Love Yourself. If you love yourself, there is no room for fear in the relationship. It is time to defeat fear and kick it in the butt, once and for all.


People can also manifest fears when it comes to their work and job situations. You may have always felt the desire to work for yourself, or to pursue a career dream or goal. Your fears of failure may keep you from even making an attempt. The excuses you use to stay at a job you hate simply for a paycheck are really enabling you from facing your fear, and taking a chance instead of being too afraid to try. Many people finally found the courage to face their fears, and did so because of a traumatic event. Because they had lost everything or hit rock bottom, they even lost their fear. Without fear standing in their way they went on to achieve success in a way that they had never even dreamed possible. And in this case they followed the sage advice of Bill Cosby… Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.


We had a client who was in a job she hated for some years but it was a great paycheck but she was on the road all the time and exhausted from long hours of peddling software. She was a single mother, with two kids in high school – one about to enter college, and she received no spousal support after her divorce at all. She really wanted to start her own consulting business, doing projects for many companies in her city that were using this software. She had a mortgage, a car note and the feeding and clothing of two teenage boys that was keeping her in a job that was robbing her soul. Fear of failure prevented her for stepping out on her own and creating her business. One winter she took a skiing vacation and ended up having a nasty accident that required surgery and reconstruction of her ankle. With her ability to travel being hindered she was not able to meet the requirements of the quota, so the company put her on probation. So now she was at the crossroads, not in that rock bottom place, but definitely in the place where she had to make a major choice. With the probation she had 60 days to turn everything around and make up for the business she lost due to her illness OR she could throw caution to the wind and start her consulting business. When a company puts you on probation you are essentially black balled and even if she had turned it around at the company, there was no guarantee they would not do that again. So essentially she had fear on both sides. After consulting with us she decided that it would put her in a greater place of power to start her consulting company by telling these people to take that job and shove it rather than try to fulfill the 60-day obligation, drive herself into the ground and still run the risk of being terminated. In this case, fear worked in her favor, but she also made the choice to step out of the fear-based mentality and embrace a new beginning with her own business. Today she still consults with us, is happy and successful and loves what she is doing.


So how exactly does one defeat fear? Of course it wont magically happen overnight by the waving of a magic wand. Like anything else worthwhile it will be a process. The first step is of course to recognize that you are operating from a place of fear and that your negative emotions are attached to fear. For example, if you fear that your love interest will abandon you, rather than create the self fulfilling prophecy by creating behaviors that will sabotage that relationship, identify what is making you feel threatened. Was it a past relationship? Has everyone you have ever been involved with broken up with you, so this is what you expect from anyone you go out with.


The first step to overcoming the abandonment fear is to recognize that not everyone you date is your ex. It is a baby step but it is a step. In relationships, like everything else, some element of risk is involved. You have to take the right risks though. You may feel as though all the chances you have taken had bad results and may feel you no longer want to take any chances. But look at the chances you did take? Was it reasonable for you to expect a great outcome? If a man is a known womanizer don’t take a risk on him, but take the risk from a man with a better reputation. Minimizing risk can result in better outcomes when you do take chances. Knowing you are making better choices can help minimize your fears.

Past Relationships: What Have You Learned?

What have you learned form past relationships? Past relationships can quite often ruin the ones we are currently in. Being hung up on an ex, for instance is a way that your past keeps you from moving towards the future and focusing on the present. Starting a relationship before you are really over your ex, or as a way to get over your ex, only leads to re-bound relationships.


If you were cheated on in past relationships, you may have trust issues. If the person your are currently involved with has been cheated on in his past, he may have problems trusting. Either way, you both have to start fresh. You have to at least allow the new person in your life to earn your trust. If you start out not trusting them and never allow trust the chance to grow, the relationship is doomed.


twin flame psychic reading what have you learned from past relationships

What have you learned from past relationships?

There is nothing wrong with learning from your past relationships. Learning from past relationships can help your future relationships become better ones. Holding onto your emotional baggage from past relationships sabotages your new ones.


You may be insecure, have a problem with jealousy or control. Has this caused problems in your past relationships? If they have, doesn’t it stand to reason they will be the same issues in your next relationship too? It is time you look at why your past relationships failed, and do what you can to make the changes necessary to give the new ones a real chance at making it.


Since your past relationships ended, shouldn’t their hold on you end as well. Should you or the one you love suffer or be punished presently for something you or they are not responsible for? How does that help a relationship? It does not. It is up to you and the one you love to keep the past in the past. Put closure on your past relationships, learn from them, and move on.


Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are expert twin flame psychics who can work with you to help you rid yourself of emotional baggage from your past. They are able to see deeply into your romantic situation and bring to the surface what must be addressed in your life so that future relationships can grow flourish. A twin flame psychic reading can show what troubles from your past you or the one you love is bringing into your current relationship so you can address these troubles and deal with them.


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