Has Your Soulmate Or Twin Flame Stopped Calling?

Has your soulmate or twin flame stopped calling? Has your soulmate or twin flame stopped all communication with you after a fight or argument? What should you to when your soulmate or twin flame has stopped calling after a fight? Your soulmate or twin flame may need a time out to cool off. They may also think it is best that you cool off to. It may seem like a punishment, but that is not always the case.


Has Your Soul mate Stopped Calling?

Has Your soulmate or twin flame Stopped Calling?

Sometimes soulmates or twin flames have stopped calling each other because they want to put a stop to the fighting. They think that time and space will help to make things better, and that when you do agree to talk, things might not get so heated. So instead of going ballistic and calling, texting, or stopping by their house, give them the time and space they want and need. Not everyone wants to talk things out right away. That doesn’t make them wrong. They know themselves best, and if they know that if they don’t calm down things will only get worse, then their choice is right for them, and for the relationship. If you decide to force the issue, and things do get worse, then you proved that you were indeed wrong.


When a soulmate or twin flame has stopped calling, it could be that their agenda is to put an end to your relationship. The relationship between soul mates is often a very stormy one. It is so emotionally charged that emotions often go haywire. Some soulmates and twin flames find the serious nature of their connection very uncomfortable. They find the changes that they should make for the better are too scary, uncomfortable and fearful. So instead they go into sabotage mode. The relationship that has filled them with so much joy is now the relationship that terrifies them.


Maybe your soulmate or twin flame stopped calling you too sabotage your relationship. Try giving your soulmate or twin flame some space, because in many cases, when a soul mate runs, they don’t get far and they don’t stay gone. They may have to learn their lessons on their own, separate from you. That is not always a bad thing. Being with you could have kept them from learning their lesson, made it take longer for them to learn their lesson, which would make the relationship dysfunctional.


A soulmate or twin flame may have stopped calling because they feel they can do anything they want. They believe your connection will keep you from leaving. They may take you for granted and feel as though you will always be ready when they decide to contact you again. You are responsible for drawing healthy boundaries and enforcing them. What you allow, expect to continue. When someone treats you badly, you are not responsible for it. But when you allow it, you take partial responsibility for it.

So, the first time your soulmate or twin flame stops calling for a while and leaves you hanging, let them know that it is not acceptable to you. Don’t hunt them down or chase them. Don’t just chastise them verbally. Make them sorry they ever did that to you, or you will be the one feeling sorry for yourself when this happens over and over again.



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