Is Your Soulmate Or Twin Flame’s Ex an Major Issue?

Is your soulmate or twin flame’s ex an issue? Has your soulmate or twin flame’s ex gotten your relationship to a breaking point? Is the ex jealous of what you and your soulmate or twin flame have and trying to ruin it? Is the ex having problems letting go and wants them back? Does the ex blame you for their break up? Do they believe you are the only thing standing in the way of them getting back together? Bottom line? The ex had their chance, and they needs to get the hell out of your way and let you have yours.

Is Your Soul Mate's Ex-Girlfriend an Issue?

Is Your Soul Mate’s Ex-Girlfriend an Issue?

If their relationship was so great then why are they an ex? Many people have a hard time accepting their part in why a relationship ended. They may have been neglectful, too clingy, too standoffish or just a pain in the ass to be around. The thing is, they thought they were getting away with it. They didn’t change their ways because they thought their bad behavior was being accepted. And maybe it was for a time.

Your soulmate or twin flame’s ex only has the power to get in between you and screw things up if you both allow it. If the two of you stand strong together, the ex is powerless. You can be mad at their ex for calling at 4 am. But why get mad at your soulmate or twin flame? Unless they encouraged them to call, why is it their fault? They can’t control their actions so they is not responsible for the ex’s actions. So don’t take it out on them. What your soulmate or twin flame is responsible for is how they handles the ex calling at 4 am. If they pick up the phone and talks to them then they are an idiot. Feel free to be mad at them. All that did was let the ex know they can keep calling at 4 am.

What your soulmate or twin flame should do is block their number and be done with it, and this way the ex can’t do it again. If children are involved, blocking may not be an option. But they still doesn’t have to answer the phone at 4 am. They can wait for the ex to leave a message, because if something did happen to the kids, they would leave a message. Feel free to be mad at the ex if they call you names or disrespect you. But again, don’t fight with your soulmate or twin flame about it.

Unless of course the calls you names or disrespects you in front of them and they do nothing about it. If they do nothing about it they pretty much gave the ex the green light to do it again. The will feel your soulmate or twin flame disrespected you by not coming to your defense, and you may actually agree with the ex’s perception. (And you should.)

No one should ever let their ex become their current partners problem. Your past relationship, your problem. Your problem, you handle it. So since it is their ex, they needs to handle it. But what if he isn’t handling it to your liking? If he is handling them, then all should be right between the two of you. You should feel like a part of a team and fully supported. If they are not handling them properly then the ex will be able to annoy the crap out of you as much as they like.

It is up to them to take away as much power as possible. If they don’t, your soulmate or twin flame relationship will suffer. Let’s face it, they didn’t know how to properly deal their ex in the past, that is why they broke up, so chances are they clueless on how to deal with them presently. Don’t expect your soulmate or twin flame to guess what you want them to do. Offer suggestions, without screaming at them if possible. If they want to handle things his way, let them know you don’t think that will work but you will let them try.

When they act out again that is when you let them know their way obviously isn’t working and it is time to change tactics. Remind them that you need to be on the same side, and that what the ex wants is for the two of you to argue. Don’t let them win. Don’t let a past mistake become a present mistake as well. We all have a past, but that past should stay in the past. How can we expect to have a future with someone when our past won’t let go of us?


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  2. My challenge is my twin flame’s roommate is his best friend and also a female that was once in love with him. She has said that he never displayed affection towards her in public so when she saw he did that with me she knew I was different. I believe she somehow reminded him that he didn’t want a relationship and she’s influencing him in certain aspects of how she perceives me, which is basically trying to make me look batshit crazy. I know he knows better because he still wants to hangout with me but he now, all of a sudden doesn’t feel his feelings growing, mostly (I think) because every time we make plans, something with her and he kids come up and since she has no one he feels guilty and obligated to help, that’s when I see him putting her above me. Somehow we do see each other just more limited than before. Before it was just because of distance now it seems it’s distance and her. Given: they’ve known each other for several years and I’ve only been in the picture several months.

    • She is making sure she is a priority, and so should you. You keep accepting a low priority status, that is where you will stay.

    • And, this really would not happen with twin flames…..this is more a soul mate issue.

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