Is Your Soul Mate Stressing You Out?

Is your soul mate stressing you out? Have your soul mate’s behavior or words created stress in your relationship? Have you found yourself more confused than you ever have been in a relationship before? Soul mates are supposed to have it easy right? Wrong.


Soul mate relationships have been stressing out couples for a very long time. Why? Well for starters, the intensity of emotions flows both ways. Sure, you can have an intense connection, deep feelings, and both can lead to very positive reactions. However, those same things can lead to very negative reactions. What often starts out very well, often becomes very stressful as time goes on.

Is Your Soul Mate Stressing You Out?

Is Your Soul Mate Stressing You Out?

Soul mate relationships challenge us, and those challenges can also be very stressful. That stress adds to the drama and acting out, very often making things worse. When we meet a soul mate, the relationship can take over our lives. Our work, family, friends and other priorities fall to the wayside. We can get so caught up in the euphoria of the connection that everything else around us is muted. When we come back down to our reality, that wake up call often makes people start stressing out. We have to find a balance, and that is often very difficult for some people. Without that balance, we can expect stressful situations.


When our feelings take over, our brains seem to go to sleep. When it awakens, fear can creeps in. Fear has a great way of stressing people out. Soul mates shouldn’t worry so much as that can cause them to cycle down into soul mate obsession. The soul mate connection is supposed to be empowering and make you feel as if you can take on the world. But, when coupled with fear, that same connection often triggers major stressing out instead. Every worse case scenario is imagined.


Instead of remaining calm and centered in your soul connection, soul mates often jump the gun, and jump to conclusions, causing more drama and more stress. The soul mate connection that was designed to bring  confidence and personal strength into your life, has now brought insecurity. All of this stressing out can lead to soul mates enabling bad behavior. And so it gets worse, and worse, adding more stress into your life.


It is time to put the brakes on allowing your soul mate relationship to keep stressing you out. Put the focus back where it belongs, on yourself and your own personal growth. Stop thinking about them. Stop wondering about them and what they are feeling and doing. You don’t control them. It is that lack of control that is stressing you out. Get control of YOURSELF. Get your strength back. Focus on doing the right thing. Let go of your fear and create and enforce healthy boundaries. Do you what you can to create a healthy relationship. Then let your soul mate follow suit. Stressing out does you no good. Empowering yourself will help both you and your soul mate relationship in the long run.


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