Has Your Soulmate Or Twin Flame Lost Their Connection To You?

Do you feel your soulmate or twin flame has lost the soul mate connection to you? Was your bond so strong at one point, but now seems as though your soulmate or twin flame has cut the cord? Do they act cold, nasty and/or indifferent towards you? Does it seem as though the spiritual connection between the two of you has been lost? And, if so, will the connection be lost for good?


First of all, a soul connection you have with someone is not something you can turn on and off. You can’t do it on a whim, like a light switch. What the universe has created, we mere mortals have no power to vanquish with the snap of our fingers. We don’t have the like Endora does on “Bewitched”. The strength of the soulmate or twin flame connection can weaken at times. The connection never really goes away because a spiritual connection is eternal.

soul mate connection
Has Your Soulmate or Twin Flame Lost the Connection to You?         


There could be many other reasons why it may seem to you that your soulmate or twin flame disconnected from you. The reality is that they really didn’t. They may be doing everything in their power to prove to themselves, to you, and the entire world that they have lost the connection you once shared. But they really didn’t. And in the end, their acting out may prove to themselves, you and the entire world that they truly are connected to you.


So what would make someone behave in such a way for you believe they have lost the connection you both knew was real? Most people hope to find a soulmate or twin flame that they feel connected to. But then when they actually have it right in front of them, it scares them half to death. If they go with the tidal wave of emotions they feel, it is one hell of a great ride. However, if they try to swim against the tide they can feel as though they are drowning.


The emotions that come with a soulmate or twin flame connection has made more people freak out than you can fathom. Since they can’t handle it, they do everything in their power to try and prove it doesn’t exist. They wish to prove never existed or has ceased to exist. It’s a devastating blow and causes insurmountable pain. You can try everything to prove them wrong at this point, but it won’t work. They are not open to what you have to say, and to what they know they feel. This is something your soulmate or twin flame has to work out on their own.


If you have betrayed your soulmate or twin flame over and over again, the soul mate connection between you is still there. It may be damaged, but it is still there. The problem may be that it has weakened to the point that one or both of you are ready to let go. Even soulmates and twin flames have a threshold for nonsense. They can decide the soulmate or twin flame connection they have is something they are willing to release. It will still exist, but if they are hurt enough, they can mute your connection to a certain degree. It’s like turning down the radio. It is still on, but more in the background, not on full-blast like it was before.


Soulmates and twin flames never really lose the spiritual connection, they just learn another way to live with it.


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