Empathy Between Soulmate And Twin Flame Couples

Empathy Between Soul Mates

The empathy between soulmates and twin flames runs incredibly deep. When a soulmate or twin flame experiences something, good or bad, whatever they are feeling is experienced by their counterpart. The soulmate or twin flame connection often creates a dynamic where they can experience not only the thoughts of their…

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When Your Twin Flame or Soulmate Rejects You

When Your Soul Mate Rejects You

When your  twin flame or soulmate rejects you it is the most helpless feeling on earth. What started out as an instant connection has left you dazed and confused. When your  twin flame or soulmate rejects you it causes you to wonder if this was all a fantasy created in…

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Are You Twin Flames or Soul Mates?

Are You Twin Flames or Soul Mates?

Twin Flames are exceptionally rare, yet some people seem to think they grow on trees. Unfortunately, not everyone will have the chance to encounter a twin flame relationship in this lifetime, even though more and more twin flames are incarnating today. Quite often people get twin flame relationships confused with…

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Forgiving Your Soulmate Or Twin Flame: Do You Do It Too Much?

Forgiving Your Soul mate

Forgiving your soulmate or twin flame isn’t always easy. Contrary to popular belief, soulmates and twin flames can do some pretty hurtful things to one another. It would be wonderful to think soulmates and twin flames are perfect couples who never fight and are destined to be together but that…

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Will My Soulmate or Twin Flame Forget Me if I Don’t Contact Them?

Will My Soul Mate Forget Me if I Don't Contact Them?

Will my soulmate or twin flame forget me if I don’t contact them? The simple answer to that question is no, they won’t. Just like you did not forget your  twin flame soulmate, your soul mate did not forget you. The fear of being forgotten by a soulmate or twin…

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Does Your Soulmate Or Twin Flame Always Make You The Bad Guy?

Does Your Soul Mate Always Make You The Bad Guy?

Does your soulmate or twin flame always make you the bad guy? Can your soulmate or twin flame twist things around to always make it come out that they are the victim, and you the bad guy? Are you tired of feeling guilty, having to explain yourself. Have you had…

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Is Your Soul Mate Or Twin Flame The One For You?

the one soul mate

Is your soulmate or twin flame the one for you? Is your soulmate or twin flame the one person on earth that can make you feel the way that you do? The answer is yes, and no. Your soulmate or twin flame is, of course, someone that makes you feel…

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Soulmates And Twin Flames Can Come From Different Countries

Soul Mates in Different Countries

Soulmates and twin flames can and do come from different countries. Many soulmate and twin flame couples meet while they were both living in different countries. Now this is very different from the scammers on internet dating sites that are in a different country and constantly asking for money before…

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Has Your Soulmate Or Twin Flame Lost Their Connection To You?

soul mate connection

Do you feel your soulmate or twin flame has lost the soul mate connection to you? Was your bond so strong at one point, but now seems as though your soulmate or twin flame has cut the cord? Do they act cold, nasty and/or indifferent towards you? Does it seem…

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When Your Soulmate or Twin Flame is in Denial

soul mate denial

When your soulmate or twin flame is in denial it is the most frustrating part of your spiritual connection. It is really hard when you have waited to finally meet your soulmate or twin flame, and instead of enjoying the connection they are in total denial that you are connected.…

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