Does Your Soul Mate Always Overreact?

Soul mates, like the rest of us, can have the tendency to overreact. Since soul mates can easily feel out of control over their emotions, it can be a piece of cake for them to overreact to any little thing. Some soul mates overreact due to fear. When you love someone so very much you are naturally afraid of losing them. Note we said naturally. When you are obsessed with the fear of losing your soul mate chances are you will overreact to any little thing.

Does Your Soul Mate Always Overreact?

Does Your Soul Mate Always Overreact?

For instance, if your soul mate is being friendly with the waitress and your fear kicks in, you may blurt out something nasty without even thinking. Now your soul mate is mad at you because you were nasty and they didn’t do anything to deserve it. Your overreaction will cause problems with your soul mate, not solve any. You didn’t get a grip on your fear, instead you mouthed off and picked a fight. How does that help your fear? It doesn’t, it only makes it grow.


Your soul mate may be the one who always overreacts. You may find yourself on the defense for any and every little thing. You may wonder if your soul mate actually enjoys fighting with you or picking fights on purpose. Perhaps your soul mate is overreacting to sabotage the relationship. They may even be doing it without really knowing it. If your soul mate is in any way freaked out about his or her feelings towards you, their overreaction may or may not be their fault. Your soul mate may need some time to accept your connection and the feelings that come with it. If they fight to control it, it can just make things even more out of control.


In some circumstances soul mates overreact as a way to get out of the soul mate relationship. Many clients have contacted us after a soul mate ended a relationship. The excuse or reason their soul mate gave was often an overreaction to something minor. They simply were not prepared to deal with the soul mate relationship at that time and ended it. You would be shocked by how many soul mate relationships end because one overreacted. Not only do soul mates have to get their feelings of love under control, they have to get all their feelings under control. (Such as anger, fear, and jealousy). Your soul mate needs to deal with his or her emotions more honestly and openly. Not just with you, but with themselves.


Just because someone is your soul mate does not mean you have to accept the fact that they overreact. Quite the opposite. You soul mate needs to make changes for the better, rather than you lowering your standard of acceptable behavior. Soul mates are not perfect relationships. You may have a soul mate who has a bad temper and needs to get it under control. You are both adults, and neither one of you has the right to bring childish temper tantrums to the table. You cannot allow them to overreact and scream, yell, and call you names. You cannot allow them to throw things, break things, or get physical with you. That is abuse and should not be tolerated. It is not overreacting to end a soul mate relationship, or take a break from the relationship while they get help, because of abuse.


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