Twin Flame Love Triangles

Twin flame love triangles don’t really happen in physical reality.  Soul mate love triangles are more common than you would believe. Twin flame love triangles are often confused by people who don’t understand the difference between soul mates and twin flames.

Someone could encounter their twin flame while they are currently in a relationship. The twin in the relationship could actually love their partner and wish them no ill will. They will not feel the same way and be connected to that partner the way they are to their twin. It is a whole different ballgame.

Soul Mate ~ Twin Flame :: What’s the Difference?

It is rare that a twin flame relationship will involve a third party the way soul mate relationships do. Twin flames do not engage in affairs, but soul mates do. Twin flames do not have on again off again relationships, soul mates do. Twin flames do not play games with one another the way soul mates do. The soul connections and how that connection feels are very similar, yet the dynamics are different.

Twin flame connections are much easier relationships than soul mate relationships. Twin flame love triangles would serve no purpose, but soul mate love triangles often do. Soul mates often have bad patterns of behavior to release, and quite often those revolve around previous relationships or their relationships with dysfunctional people.

Twin Flame Love Triangles

Twin Flame Love Triangles

When a soul mate comes around, instead of running away and leaving behind their bad relationships, they have a hard time letting go. It is not because the love this person so much, it is more about resisting change. The are accustomed to negativity in relationships. They are used to it, and the fear of the unknown and what could be with their soul mate is often more terrifying to them than staying in a dysfunctional relationship.

More than likely they developed their relationship skills in bad relationships, so all they have learned is bad relationship skills. So what else can they bring to the table in any new relationship other than sabotaging it and creating yet another bad relationship? This is where a soul mate can help them learn their lessons so they can change their pattern of behavior and move on to a good healthy relationship.

Twin flames already learned their lessons. They don’t engage in or stick around dysfunctional relationships. They know better, and will disengage and walk away. They won’t reduce their behavior to lower levels, but soul mates will. Twin flames do not have the same fears and insecurities soul mates do. In most cases it is the soul mate fears that push soul mates towards doing the wrong things.

Fear will make soul mates put up with bad behavior rather than stand up to it. Those same fears will make soul mates choose to put up with much more than they should. Twin flames won’t do that, they wont lower their standards for themselves or anyone else. So, if you believe you are in a twin flame love triangle, it may be time for you to examine your relationship and see how it fits better with soul mate characteristics.

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