Your Soul Mate and His Ex-Wife

Your soul mate may have an ex-wife from a past relationship. Depending on the nature of his relationship with his ex-wife, she may be a problem  in your relationship. Since soul mates often meet when one or both is already married, his ex-wife may blame you for their divorce. If you are in a situation like that, you may be well aware of the bitterness, resentment, and hatred his ex-wife has for you. She may have told their children (if they have any) that you are the cause of their parents splitting up. His ex-wife may tell anyone who will listen how horrible and terrible of a person you are. His ex wife may try to get his friends and family to hate you as much as she does. Because she believes you ruined her relationship, she wants to ruin yours. She may not even love your soul mate, she may not have suffered a broken heart when they broke up. She may just not want to see him happy with you.

Your Soul Mate and His Ex-Wife

Your Soul Mate and His Ex-Wife

If you did have an affair with a married man and he did divorce his wife to be with you, it is understandable why she would hate you. To a certain extent. Since they are divorced, they are both free to move on with their lives. But what if your soul mate’s ex wife doesn’t want to move on with her life? What if your soul mate’s ex wife just wants to ruin your life? How can you keep your soul mate’s ex wife from causing problems in your current relationship?

We have spoken with so many women that tells us they have no problems at all with their soul mate, except when it comes to their ex wife. That can sometimes be the only area of friction between the couple. He feels it is his job to decide how he handles his ex wife and wants to make all the decisions regarding her.  Now if he was doing a good job creating boundaries, enforcing boundaries, and standing up to his ex wife, there shouldn’t be a problem should there? Nope. But what often happens is he doesn’t really handle his ex wife, he let’s her get away with murder. He doesn’t want to fight with her so he just does what she wants to keep the peace. That isn’t handling anex wife. That is obeying her every command. How can that possibly make you, his soul mate, feel as though you are a priority in his life when his ex wife’s demands often come first? It can’t. An ex wife does need to be dealt with, and if the two of you cannot agree with how to best do that, it may be time to ask for outside help.

It would be such a shame for two soul mates to have conflict in their relationship caused by an ex spouse. Instead of arguing and disagreeing, it might be a smart idea to seek counseling. This way someone outside the situation can help find a solution agreeable to both sides and the relationship can run smoothly again. When an issue is not dealt with properly, it just gets worse. Don’t wait for more damage to be done.

Your soul mate’s past relationship should not be permitted to cause conflict presently or in the future. You waited so long to finally meet and be together, protect what you have at all costs.

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