Self Entitlement in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

Self entitlement has a way of sabotaging soulmate and/or twin flame relationships. (Please choose the label that works for you based on your beliefs and type of relationship you’re in.)


We have the right to feel entitled to love. And for someone to love us in return. Too much self entitlement can and will ultimately destroy even a spiritual connection. If only one soul partner’s needs and goals are of importance, the other eventually gets frustrated. And they will feel neglected and end the relationship. It doesn’t matter if you’re with a twin flame or a soulmate. Because even soul connected partnerships will end they veer off a spiritual path.

A twin flame or soulmate with an unrealistic sense of entitlement is a huge turn off. The childish, selfish and melodramatic behavior gets exhausting. Especially after dealing with it for a while. When you don’t believe self entitlement is sabotaging your relationship, you end up being dead wrong.


Let’s say you and your spiritual partner text each other several times a day. So to a certain degree, you can expect to receive a text from them every day. But you’re not entitled to it. If a day comes when they don’t immediately respond to text messages, or don’t text as much as usual, you should refrain from getting furious with them. You really have no leg to stand on. Instead be appreciative of  how much your soulmate or twin flame does text you. Don’t become Miss or Mister self entitlement. It’s not your God-given right to have them text with you every day.

Self Entitlement in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships
Self Entitlement in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

Sometimes you can’t have everything you want. And this includes the attention of your spiritual mate. They can’t always put you first. Sometimes their job/career needs their focus. At other times it’s their friends, family or even a cause that’s important to them. You should be an adult. And you should refrain from feeling the need to punish them either by acting angry or shutting down. Doing so will wind up biting you in the ass one day.

Your spiritual partner will eventually see you as high maintenance and self centered. They’ll resent the fact that instead of being grateful for all they do, you act out the one time you don’t come first. Is a fight or drama worth it for something so trivial? Of course not. And it’s pointless to behave like a spoiled brat and cause needless damage to your relationship.


Self entitlement sabotages relationships when one party is constantly way too pushy and resorts to bullying. Self entitlement makes someone feel they must always get their way. They’re so focused on what they want they could not care less what their partner wants. They see getting their way as a game that they must always win. And they will push, manipulate and bully to be victorious.

But they don’t realize while they’re always so happy being the Winner, their partner always feels like the Loser. And no one wants to constantly feel like that. After a while it makes them feel resentful and angry. A person with self entitlement will see absolutely nothing wrong with their behavior, because they are only thinking of themselves.


Many people in relationships with someone with self entitlement issues try to keep the peace. And they allow them to get their way all the time. They may do it to avoid confrontation. And want the arguing, badgering and bullying to just stop. They think doing so will improve the relationship. In actuality, that’s the wrong thing to do.

Don’t wait for a selfish, self entitled soulmate or twin flame to suddenly realize the relationship is one-sided. Don’t wait around for them to make your needs and desires important. It needs to start with you taking a stand. The self entitled person has learned that if they bully you, they get what they want. So they will constantly do it. Because it works.You need to put a stop to it right away.


If you’re in a spiritual relationship with someone with self entitlement issues, you have to create proper boundaries. Then you must  enforce those boundaries once they are crossed. You won’t have a healthy, happy relationship if you don’t. Nothing in your relationship will change, or get better, unless you stand up to them.

It’s time they learn you won’t respond positively to negative behavior. If you’re not prepared to teach them that lesson, how else will they learn it? They won’t. Don’t allow self entitlement problems to sabotage your soulmate or twin flame relationship. Your soul partner is usually not aware of the damage their self entitlement is causing. But it’s happening whether they see it or not. So take charge and turn your relationship around before the damage can no longer be undone.

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