Signs You’re An Empath

Do you wonder if you’re an empath?

Someone who possesses empathy has the ability to feel what others feel. Empaths will experience the feelings of other people as if they are their own. When those around you are feeling joy and happiness, so do you. However, when those around you feel negative, it affects you as well.

Signs You’re an Empath

Even though you have no reason to be sad or angry, being around those that are going through negative emotions will easily change your mood. Ever since you were very young, you may have felt different than those around you. Children will often show signs of empathy, even when they are very small. They will be emotionally and physically sensitive to people and things around them.

Empathic children may:

  1. Be sensitive to loud noises and strong smells.
  1. Need time to be alone and usually have an imaginary friend.
  1. Have difficulty handling their emotions because they’re usually not their own.

As an empathic person, you need time to recharge.

Being inundated with other people’s emotions can be overwhelming. So you need to take time away and unplug from the world. This will give you the opportunity to rejuvenate, restore, and rebalance your own energy.

Signs You're An Empath
Signs You’re An Empath

Empathic people find violence on television, movies or in the news very disturbing and upsetting.

Empaths cannot stand the thought of others suffering whether it is people or animals. It can cause them to spiral into panic or anxiety attacks. Setting boundaries with television or social media consumption may be necessary for your mental health.

Another sign of an empath is that their career choices are often where they can be of service to others.

Empaths crave meaning and depth in their chosen profession. Limiting their interactions with others in a one-on-one environment is best for them. Many empathic people are healers, reiki practitioners, guidance counselors, social workers, nurses or work for non profit organizations.

Signs You're An Empath
Signs You’re An Empath

An empathic person knows when someone is lying to them or uncomfortable around them.

They can tell when someone is not being authentic with them. They know if someone is not okay, even though they say they are.

Empathic people are great listeners, and will hear even what someone doesn’t say with their words.

They know if someone is sincere and can see right through phonies. An empath usually dislikes large crows and even large cities. The sights, sounds, and smells of big cities can be too overwhelming for some empathic people. Being around so much energy, from so many people, can send them into sensory overload.

People are naturally drawn to empaths.

Even strangers will open up to them and ask them for advice. Empaths are easy to talk to and are great listeners. They easily understand people’s situations and are non-judgemental. Empathic people offer support and try to help others with their problems.

Most soulmates and twin flames share an empathic connection. The empathy between soulmates and twin flames runs incredibly deep. This is due to their spiritual connection.

It is an amazing gift to know on a soul level how much someone loves you. Knowing that someone else understands how we feel, even when we cannot articulate it ourselves, is such a blessing. It is just one of the beautiful things of being, or knowing, and empath.