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Contact Sarah Adelle and Sophia Elise, via phone or chat, if you would like to understand your soulmate or twin flame relationship. Together they have over fifty years of combined experience in soulmate and twin flame relationships.


You can contact Sarah and Sophia using Click4Advisor for psychic readings by phone or chat. The links below go to their pages where you can get a reading with them. Clients want to connect with a psychic quickly. Click4advisor does that. You will see they are available immediately to take your call. You can speak with them quickly, without having to book and wait for an appointment.

Psychic Sarah Adelle

Psychic Sophia Elise

Click4Advisor keeps your name, credit card and banking info, address and phone number private. The psychic will never be privy to any of your confidential information. And vice versa.  This ensures safety for both the callers and the psychics.


Sign up for a free click4advisor account using the button below. Enter all of your information, that is kept private and confidential.  An added benefit of having is you don’t need to be in front of a computer. With their 1-800 call in number, you can call a psychic as long as you have your pin number and their extension.

When you are ready for your psychic reading click their click4advisor button (or call in via the 1-800 number). And click4advisor connects you to the reader. You can schedule appointments in advance for your reading. Or if the psychic is currently busy you can get in their queue by arranging a call.


You do not have to buy a block of time for your psychic reading, you are charged on a per minute basis. You can make your session as long or as short as you like.

Click4advisor has been doing business since 2004, has a great reputation, and very little down time due to tech errors and glitches. That is why Sarah and Sophia have chosen click4advisor their only contact option for psychic readings.