Why A Twin Flame Withdraws or Pulls Away

What do you do when a twin flame withdraws or pulls away from you? What do you do when your once close twin flame seems suddenly to be growing more and more distant?


It’s a very uncomfortable and often triggering feeling when your twin flame pulls away, because you feel it in your soul. When you’re deeply connected to someone, especially a twin flame, withdrawal  is hard to deal with. It sets off serious alarm bells.

You feel your twin flame slipping away and you don’t know how to stop it from happening. And, in most cases you have no idea why it’s happening! You ask them about it, but the answers they are giving you just don’t seem to make total sense.

Yet you feel it when a twin flame pulls away. Even if they deny it.

Well, it’s very common for twin flames to withdraw, even if it is just slightly, after a few months. For one reason or another a twin flame pulls away from the other about two to four months into a relationship. Twin flame relationships usually start out great and the relationship gets serious very very quickly. There’s lots of communication because they call and text daily and want to spend a lot of time together. Things are happily growing closer and closer.

Why A Twin Flame Withdraws or Pulls Away
Why A Twin Flame Withdraws or Pulls Away

Then suddenly everything changes.

Out of nowhere your twin flame stops calling. They stop texting. Your daily communication is now reduced to three days a week, if that. Now you only see each other on weekends.

Then you spend less time together and less time communicating. After so much togetherness, you are shocked at the decline. Now your mind starts to wander. At first, the excuses they gave made sense. But now, you can’t help but feel there is something more to it that they are not telling you. You begin to question if your connection is diminishing as well, since you haven’t been spending a lot of time communicating or doing things together.

Because a twin flame relationship is so strong from the connection perspective, you feel them energetically detach from you. Your connection is so strong but now you feel the distance expanding between you.

You’re very aware something is missing.

Energetically and telepathically  you try to feel for them. But you can’t. You fear actually feel a sense of loss, like something was taken away from you. Now you can’t help but worry agonize that your twin flame is going to break up with you, or that they may have found someone else.

Fears begin to creep into your mind like maybe they are giving all their attention to someone new, or their ex may be back in the picture. Some people go over everything you have said or done looking for a clue that would explain why a twin flame pulls away like this.

Everything seemed to be going so well, and you seemed to both be on the same page, with the same feelings. Why are they doing this, and why won’t they just talk to you about it? This happens to a lot of twin flame couples. You are not alone.

This is not something rare.

We are going to discuss the most common reasons why this may be happening and the best ways for you to handle it when they do. So, let’s go with the first one.

Why A Twin Flame Withdraws or Pulls Away
Why A Twin Flame Withdraws or Pulls Away

Let’s call it a “reality check”.

When you first met, there was great chemistry and the connection and happiness was thrilling and overwhelming. There seemed to be nothing else but the two of you, and everything else took a back seat for a whille. But now work has been piling up, things around the house need attending to, friends and family that have been put off now need some attention.

Right now the withdrawal or pulling back that is happening is simply a re-adjustment. All the time and energy they gave you at the beginning at the expense of so many other parts of there life needs to find a new balance. They have to catch up on some things needing their attention. (Which means they have to pull that attention away from you right now.) Now you are going through a period where they have to find the right way to create a new normal that doesn’t let anything or anyone get neglected.

You may not get the same amount of time from them as you did in the beginning, but in truth they gave you too much time and are now facing the reality of that. You became their whole life at the beginning. Now they have to make you a part of their life, an important part, of course, that is in balance with their other responsibilities both personally and professionally.

It does not mean they care about or love you less.

They did not pull back and take attention away from you because they don’t want to communicate with you or spend time with you. They are just having to restore balance to their life out of necessity. This is normal, so relax.

So, when a twin flame pulls back for legitimate reasons such as this, don’t give them a hard time about it. You are both adults, and you know that you can’t live on love alone, you have to work, take care of your home, pets, health etc. Don’t let it personally, because this is not an insult to you at all.

Why A Twin Flame Withdraws or Pulls Away
Why A Twin Flame Withdraws or Pulls Away

Now the next example is more problematic.

In the beginning, they told you constantly how happy they were, and how you’re the best thing that ever happened to them. They say you are twin flames, they are totally accepting of your deep connection, and have waited all their life for someone like you. You are “The One”.  They’re ready to start planning a future with you and you’re on Cloud 9.

Then, out of nowhere, they take it all back and are nowhere to be found. Poof,  your twin flame just vanished into thin air. They no longer call or communicate. They may have even blocked you from all social media. Even when you call or text them, they will not respond.

You have been ghosted by your twinflame, and you never saw it coming. You feel as if your world has come to an end. One day you were planning your future and now they’re gone. And you cannot for the life of you figure out why. When a twin flame pulls away to this extreme, it can comes as a shock.

Now, there are 2 main reasons for ghosting between twin flames.

We actually have a video specifically on ghosting on our youtube channel if you would like to check it out.

Anyway, the first reason for ghosting is that they saw their future laying out before them, moving faster than makes sense to them. The feelings of love and happiness were replaced by fear. They wanted to be ready for this twin flame relationship, but the pace of it, and the emotion of it, got the better of them. In regular relationships the pace is usually much slower, and we gradually get ready for each new step in a relationship over time.

There really isn’t time to get used to each new step with twin flames because the relationship moves too quickly to catch up logically.

This is a crisis point of the twin flame relationship.

This crisis point can result in ghosting or running.

What they do going forward and how they do it, will determine if how and when they can get a handle on the connection between the two of you. While they are at this crisis point however, the only thing you can do is stay focused on yourself. You have zero control in the situation unfortunately.

This is their problem to resolve, not yours. Letting them be may be the hardest thing you have ever had to do in your life, but you have to do it. You have your own set of lessons and growth during this period of twin flame separation. It’s hard to deal with, but you should never chase a runner or a ghoster. Nor should you be enabling one.

Why A Twin Flame Withdraws or Pulls Away
Why A Twin Flame Withdraws or Pulls Away

The second main reason for ghosting and running between twin flames is that they were never REALLY a twin flame.

Sadly, there are people out there that like to do this, either because they are a narcissist or simply a person that likes to love bomb people and create a fantasy of a relationship. When they have to get real they no longer like it, so they end that relationship just as quickly as it started. And more than likely will very soon do the same thing again to someone else relatively soon.

Beware of false twin flames, as they are very good a reeling you in. We have youtube video on false twin flames if you want to check that out for more information. Real twin flames are rare, fake twin flames are much more common unfortunately.

Twin flames tend to withdraw because something happens in their life that’s a major distraction.

It could be job drama, trauma and chaos, family issues or medical problems. Many of us like to share our issues with our friends, talking about different experiences and seeking their advice. Others like to shut down and shut up. Twin flames don’t react the same way all time, so keep that in mind. You may have a lot in common, but not handle crises the same way.

Your twin flame wants to be left alone and be incommunicado while they deal with their issues. It may hurt you because you feel left out. But you should allow them the space to handle their issues their own way, as long as they are not being disrespectful to you.

Everyone has the right to handle their problems how they see fit. If you want to include your partner, great, but that doesn’t mean they should have to reciprocate. Your way may be the best way for you, but not the best way for them.

Some people prefer to handle their issues by themselves first, before asking for help. So at times like this, offering to help, or saying you’re there for them and leaving them to it may be the right thing to do. We are all human, and life happens, and we are not always mentally and emotionally available to our partners at all times, and that is ok, as long as it is reasonable.

When your twin flame withdraws, this may trigger your twin flame separation anxiety.

Twin flame separation anxiety doesn’t just happen when a twin flame couple is in a separation phase. It can be triggered just by withdrawing or pulling back. Twin flame separation anxiety is difficult to deal with. During this time you can react emotionally rather than logically and cause a lot of damage.

Instead of creating fear, worry and panic with an overactive imagination creating tons of worse case scenarios, it would be more  productive for you to determine what life lesson is presenting itself to you right now. This is much better than self-destructing or destroying your relationship. Remember this lesson is written in your twin flame blueprint. And It’s something you both decide to experience so the two of you could grow individually-

So instead of worrying about why they’re detaching from you, and all the things that COULD go wrong, and all the worse case scenarios that COULD happen, take your own personal power back and focus on yourself, your kids, your friends or a personal project.

Your twin flame may be having a crisis of faith, so should you be having one too? How does that help the situation? It’s bad enough when one of you is working from a place of fear and insecurity. And it’s even worse and more damaging when you both are. Stay strong on your spiritual path. You should have faith in your connection that a few days of withdrawal won’t end things permanently.

Yes you may be lonely and a little hurt, but your twin flame needs to handle their business their way.

When they want some space, give it to them.

That doesn’t mean it’s over or a sign of terrible things to come. It can simply be just some alone time for your twin flame to get a grip on their life or deal with an issue that is personal to them. Twin flames do not have to do everything together to be a great couple and have a long lasting relationship. Sometimes, even they have to go it alone, with their twin flame on stand by, ready to offer support if needed.

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