Soul Contracts for Soulmates and Twin Flames

Soul contracts for soulmates and twin flames are spiritual agreements for couples in divine union.

These agreements provide opportunities to learn the lessons necessary to further the journey of personal and spiritual growth. This growth will occur both for the couple and each individual. They also provide the highest opportunity to achieve spiritual awareness.


The soul contracts will carryover into many lifetimes. Each member of the couple will play different roles each time. And these soul contracts bring about the first meeting between the two according to their divine timing. 

Your initial encounter is not by simple accident or because you hold manifestation rituals to draw your soul partner to you. Divine partnerships come into your lives by the universe, when the time is right according to a universal agreement and synchronicity.

Soul Contracts for Soulmates and Twin Flames
Soul Contracts 

All soul contracts are made before birth and of free will of both souls who enter into the agreement. Before each soul is born into physical reality on earth, they make decisions about different life lessons with their spiritual counterpart.

These are all written in the soul contracts for every lifetime. And many soulmates and twin flames enter into soul contracts many times, over many lifetimes.


A soulmate or twin flame contract starts when and where your individual soul path meets that of your spiritual partner. These agreements contain many different criteria.

First of all, it will contain the exact date and timing of your first encounter. The couple’s higher selves, or souls, will be aware of the divine timing. But it will not be known by your earthbound personality.

Even we, as soulmate and twin flame psychics, don’t know it. And by the way, this is why we say soulmates meet because of divine timing. We as individuals cannot change it.

Your soul contract will also spell out certain experiences that you require for your soul to truly evolve. It will detail how you and your spiritual partner have the opportunity to help each other become better versions of yourselves.

These experiences will provide the growth for your souls, yet each of your lessons may be different. Usually there will be some mirroring when it comes to the lessons to be learned in soul contracts, but not always. Sometimes the lessons are completely opposite.


These lessons are the hardest ones to learn and the ones that challenge us more than any other. It takes work, hard work, to create the change needed to further oneself on their spiritual journey. Everyone has some lessons in life, they learn the hard way, but the ones between soulmates and twin flames are the most grueling and seem to take the longest.

When both members of the couple are embracing the opportunity to get through their lessons, it’s so much easier. But when one, or both, resists the changes they must make mentally, physically and spiritually, the trouble begins.

It’s up to each member to fulfill their soul contract. Or they will repeat the lesson over and over again, lifetime after lifetime, until they get it right.

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