Soulmate and Twin Flame Dreams – Dreaming of Your Spiritual Partner

Soulmate and twin flame dreams can happen at any point in our lives. But we may not fully understand their significance until we’re more mature.

Dreaming of twin flame or soulmate while we’re young awakens many to the concept of spiritual connection relationships. Having dreams of soulmates and twin flames makes us more conscious of the connection and the knowledge we’ll meet this person when universal timing is right.

Some soulmate or twin flame dreams can indicate what is currently transpiring in the relationship. But some others are on a much deeper level.


Soulmate and twin flame dreams occurring within the astral plane will seem very realistic. In simple terms, the astral plane is the spiritual realm. It’s where we go when we meditate but also the location of lucid dreams.

When the dream is over, you may still sense the presence of your spiritual partner, including their smell. And you’ll feel the encounter really took place.┬áIt really did take place, but in the spiritual realm, as opposed to the earthly plane.

Soulmate and Twin Flame Dreams
Soulmate and Twin Flame Dreams

Souls connect in the spiritual realm to serve a higher purpose. You will be assisting the universe in coordinating your meeting on Earth, for example. Some of these dreams you may remember vividly when you wake up. But others will leave you with no memory of at all. Even though you may remember the dreams, the identity of your soulmate or twin flame may still not be revealed to you.

For some people, their soulmate or twin flame may look exactly like the person in their dreams. While others experience the exact opposite The reason for not revealing their earthy identity is to keep the couple from seeking out one another before the time decided by the universe.

You will feel the deep connection between the two of you and a sense of unconditional love in these dreams. The dreams are often recurring, and tend to happen very consistently as your spiritual counterpart is getting closer to the divine timing of your earthly meeting or reunion.


Soulmate and twin flame dreams often begin after your initial meeting on Earth. If you’ve been dreaming of them prior to meeting, they may very well continue throughout your relationship. Soulmate and twin flame connections are often telepathic and empathic.

Each member of the spiritual couple may feel and experience, through energy and emotions, what the other member is going through. This gives the couple a deeper understanding of their partner and their circumstances.

It can reveal the blockages one member has that is preventing them from growing. It can also show the root cause of some of their behaviors and why they do or say certain things. Some of these dreams, people have said, are sexual in nature. But that’s a topic for another day.

You and your spiritual partner may envision past lives in their dreams. The dreams give details of the many lifetimes you’ve gone through together. They point out where your past relationship was the strongest, and where they it was the weakest.

These dreams are to help ensure you can both achieve the life lessons necessary for this lifetime. Some twin flame and soulmate dreams reveal the path of service the couple should take. They will aso reveal to them why it’s important to not deviate too far from from it.

Soulmate and twin flame dreams serve a purpose, and that purpose is unique to each couple.

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