Soulmates and Twin Flames are Old Souls

Many soulmates and twin flames are old souls. They have made a trip to Earth several, or even many, times for the perfection of their souls. After all, that’s why we’re really all here. They are working towards ascension so they can avoid reincarnating again. And many times they come into spiritual union, sometimes for the final time, with a soulmate or twin flame. This is to finish up what they started many lifetimes ago.

Old souls gravitate toward each other. And like two giant magnets, soulmates and twin flames will find their divine counterpart. They feel very comfortable and at ease when they connect with their spiritual partner. They feel they share anything and everything with this other soul. And they do. Because souls tend to gravitate to what feels like home.


You’re deeply empathic.

Considering the experiences of others, and how they feel, comes with maturity. Soulmates and twin flames share an empathic connection. Using this empathy they can feel, experience and predict what their divine partner is going through. It creates a deeper understanding and compassion between partners. When used correctly this can positively impact their spiritual union through giving each other the support and encouragement they need on a daily basis.

Soulmates and Twin Flames are Old Souls
Soulmates and Twin Flames are Old Souls

You communicate telepathically.

When spiritual partner’s share a telepathic connection, they’re able to communicate without words. Actually they are communicating by sharing their thoughts with one another. Because they share many past life experiences, they’re able to intuitively connect to their spiritual partner. This is similar to psychic mediums being able to communicate with those who have transitioned to the other side. But with soulmates and twin flames the telepathic communication is unique to their soul connection.

Higher purpose.

There’s an awareness within them their union is for a higher purpose. All twin flame unions, and some soulmate relationships, come with a divine purpose. And they realize their relationship is not so much about them, but bringing something of value to others. They may know their divine purpose early in life. And that could be what brings them together. Or they could discover this purpose once their soulmate or twin flame reunion happens. It doesn’t matter how big or how small this divine gift to the world is. The point is that it’s something they deliver as a result of their divine union.

Soul recognition.

Their souls recognize each other. Since soulmates and twin flames have been incarnating together throughout multiple lifetimes there’s instant recognition between them. While some may call it love at first sight, it’s really more of a soul connection at first sight. The soul in me honors the soul in you. Perhaps they’re aware they’ve been together in some other time and other place. But in that lifetime they couldn’t get things right. And this is the opportunity to resolve any relationship karma from past incarnations.

Spiritual growth.

Old souls focus on their spiritual journey, growth and awakening. They don’t want someone to distract them from this path, but complement it by walking beside them. And they want to take the journey together. Even when not together physically, they feel each other spiritually. As they’re both working towards ascension, there’s no lower level relationship behaviors. Toxic and drama filled relationships are a thing of the past. There is no obsession, insecurities or fears. These are things they left behind on their path to wholeness.

Are you and your soulmate or twin flame old souls?  Do you experience this signs in your current spiritual union? We would you to share your experiences with our readers in the comments section.

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