Feeling Neglected in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

Are you feeling neglected by your soulmate or twin flame? Do you often feel lonely although you’re in spiritual union? Are your emotional or physical needs being neglected by your spiritual counterpart? Is it possible to turn things around and back onto a positive path? Of course it is!


Soulmates and twin flames are supposed to support each other. If your spiritual partner dismisses your feelings, and you can’t express your thoughts, you feel as though you’re not taken into consideration. And it’s a sure sign you’re being neglected if there’s a complete lack of support from your partner.  When you can’t turn to your soulmate or twin flame in times of crisis, and have to handle it all by yourself, the feeling of neglect really hurts. Even though your partner’s not part of your crisis, they should still be there for you.

And it’s even worse when they treat the rest of the world more positively than you. They cater to everyone else, including friends and family, but seem to ignore your wants and needs. But they seem to make time to satisfy the needs of everyone around them. They put 100 percent into their jobs, their friends, their family and their own personal needs and desires. And they ignore yours all the time. You begin to feel you don’t matter to them. And you may even begin to feel you’re being taken for granted.


When someone else talks, your soulmate or twin flame gives them their undivided attention. But when you talk, they continue to read, play video games, twiddle their thumbs or continue doing whatever they’re doing. They don’t allow for a conversation because they don’t take the time to communicate with you. You feel as though you’re talking at them, not with them. Your emotional needs aren’t getting met and again you feel alone.

Feeling Neglected in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships
Feeling Neglected in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

All you want is to get back to the place where the two of you can talk for hours about anything. Even if it’s silly. You miss the times, before the neglect began, where they took you seriously when sharing something with them. You miss sharing secrets, talking about the future, and the joy of spending quality time together.


Feeling emotionally neglected is one side of the coin. But you can feel physically neglected by your spiritual partner as well. When you no longer share kissing, holding, hugging, or touching for any reason you’re being physically neglected. You may still have sex, but if it’s the only time you connect physically, you’re still being physically neglected. The physical part of a relationship is not just in the bedroom. It should be throughout the entire relationship.


So there’s a couple of things going on here. First of all, your spiritual partner may be completely unaware of their behavior. Of course this is hard to fathom, but some people get wrapped up in themselves and their own lives. And this isn’t how a spiritual union is supposed to work. The first thing you should do is tell them you’re suffering emotional or physical neglect. Sometimes this is enough to turn the situation around. Many times, life can become busy with work and other obligations. But gently reminding them is often enough to wake them up.

But sometimes you’re dealing with a partner who is being passive aggressive with you. Perhaps they’re still angry at something you did or said, a while back. So they’re deliberately withholding attention and affection to ‘show you’. If this is the case it’s time to sit down and talk to each other, in adult-like fashion. Whatever transgressions you may, or may not have done, it’s time to put it out on the table and work through it. All relationships take communication and compromise, especially spiritually bound ones.

Wanting to escape the easy way.

Finally, withholding love and affection can be a way your partner is showing you they’re done with the relationship. But instead of being an adult and ending the relationship, they play games. And they do this hoping you’ll get the hint and end it yourself. This relieves them from being the ‘bad person’, or the one who does the breaking-up. This is ridiculously immature, especially in soulmate and twin flame relationships. If this is the case, it’s better to cut your losses while you can, and get out. Clearly this person has not fully learned the life lessons required to engage in a spiritual connection.

Soulmates and twin flame relationships are a divine gift from the Universe. You’ve both done a lot of work to even come into spiritual union with each other. Each of you should be responsible and accountable to sustain and maintain the spiritual bond.

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