Twin Flame Intimacy – The Physical Relationship of Twin Flames

Intimacy between twin flames is a magical experience. Their strong spiritual bond leads to an intense and passionate physical relationship filled with sparks and chemistry. Their connection is deep and fiery, creating a sensual and intimate experience.

Many twin flames have said they experienced true intimacy for the first time.

Nothing and no one else could compare.

Twin Flames are magnetically drawn to one another. From their first meeting, they find their physical attraction to be off the charts. The connection between twin flames is incredibly powerful, often leading to a physical attraction that’s difficult to resist. Many describe a strong urge to touch or be close to their twin flame, unable to control their desire.

The intensity of the connection can sometimes feel overwhelming.

You click and are in sync with your twin flame like with no one else. This translates to the physical as well. It can feel like your bodies are made for each other as they fit so perfectly together. Their lips are the perfect kiss, their arms are the perfect hug, and so on.

Twin Flame Intimacy - The Physical Relationship of Twin Flames
Twin Flame Intimacy 

Kundalini rising is often associated with twin flame connections and will greatly deepen intimacy between them. As the Kundalini awakens, it creates a powerful spiritual and energetic connection. This can enhance intimacy, allowing the souls to merge on a deeper level.

The connection between twin flames allows them to feel at home with one another, and shed their vulnerabilities. They are more in tune with their twin than they are with anyone else.

Their desire for one another can be overwhelming at times.

Over time, a twin flame connection grows stronger, and many have experienced their physical craving for one another grows stronger as well.

There is an increase in one’s yearning to connect with their twin flame affectionately and intimately. Even those who are not overly affectionate say they noticed a change in themselves. There is a seamless flow of energy between twin flames that transcends just a physical touch.

It is a merging of the souls, and can be both powerful and to some, a bit scary. Many are taken aback by the intensity of their physical attraction to their twin flame. Many twins have that found intimacy with their twin flame allowed them to fully surrender to their connection. They recognized the significance of this partnership between them, and understand the unique and special bond they share.

When twin flames are in a separation phase, being physically apart is excruciating. There is a physical yearning and pining for their twin flame (along with mental,  spiritual and emotional) and a feeling of being lost, even torn apart without the other. Some twin flames become a runner in part because of the power of the emotions they feel and how vulnerable they are being intimate with their partner.