Surrendering to Your Soulmate or Twin Flame

Surrendering to your soulmate or twin flame happens in different ways and at different times. It’s up to each member of the spiritual partnership and the journey they choose to take as a couple. A soulmate or twin flame (you can pick your label) will at some point surrender to their connection. That is inevitable. But what’s up to each person is whether they surrender to their faith in that connection or succumb to their fear of it.


When soulmates or twin flames meet there’s an instant soul recognition that comes with their connection. They may not know what to call it. Or they may not understand exactly what they’re experiencing. But they both know something significant and life changing is happening to them.

In some cases, because the connection is so strong and the feeling so powerful, they both surrender to it. And they embrace surrendering themselves to the joy their bond brings with it.  Right from the start the communication between them flows freely and easily. There is an openness and vulnerability between them. And they’ve never had this before with anyone else. They want to spend every moment in the presence, or in communication with, their spiritual partner. They just can’t get enough of each other as they believe they must make up for lost time.

Surrendering to Your Soulmate or Twin Flame
Surrendering to Your Soulmate or Twin Flame


But sometimes, right from the initial meeting, there may be a different surrender. This is where we find one or both of them surrendering to fear. The connection is too strong for them to be comfortable. And so they allow themselves to give in to fear. They may become a soulmate or twin flame runner.

When surrendering to their fears the relationship begins to sour. One may chose to ghost the other and disappear as suddenly as they appeared. They may run back to a previous relationship that was chaotic and toxic. Or they may start a new relationship hoping to use that to break the connection. Others may use other cruel tactics to sabotage their spiritual union because they allow fear to get the better of them.

When this happens, the other partner is devastated and confused. And unfortunately they may now surrender to their own fears and insecurities as well. Instead of leading by example, by holding tight to their faith in the connection and it’s purpose, they follow their spiritual partner. So now fear guides them as well.


It’s very important to be aware that although your spiritual counterpart has surrendered in a positive way to your connection, they may change their path somewhere along the way. It’s crucial that you don’t follow them down that path. Instead, use that time to strengthen your resolve and faith in the universe’s purpose for the both of you.

Look inward, instead of worrying and stressing about your soulmate or twin flame. Ask yourself what the universe is trying to show you? Understand these situations are often temporary and can actually be necessary for your journey together. Use this time to focus on what boundaries need to be in place when they return. And consider how you need to be the source of guidance when this relationship moves forward.

This is your sign from the universe that you have to take charge because your spiritual partner is incapable of doing so. One of you has to be the strong one. And that person is you. Guide from a place of knowing what a healthy, mature relationship is supposed to be. Be ready to enforce healthy boundaries and demand respectful behavior. Take the lead role in creating the relationship you want and deserve.

13 thoughts on “Surrendering to Your Soulmate or Twin Flame”

  1. Hey so i think im in the surrender stage with my soulmate and she let me go on good terms 3 weeks ago. Im currently raising my vibrations from quitting my addictions and starting to feel the joy in life again. Should i contact her when i feel like im ready or should i wait until i somehow bump into her. I dont understand how soulmates reconnect after surrendering?

    • Also in addition to my comment im also encountering the number 1:11 ALOT. I come across other synchronized numbers but the universe is spamming 111 in my face all the time.

    • While we cant give personal answers here due to confidentiality issues, let the Universe sort it out

    • you’re kind of in a limbo phase until your partner surrenders as well.

  2. I am living this moment now. We both strongly believe we are twin flames and he has ran and returned a few times. But he strongly believes he has unfinished business with his family. The time apart is near…. and I am so scared . I don’t cry or worry about his return, I am scared of the lost time and being apart is draining to us both. Our souls feel the pain of being apart. It is too much.


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