Communication Between Twin Flames and Soulmates

Communication between twin flames soulmates occurs on more than one level.

When the couple first meets the communication flows freely and easily. Soulmates and twin flames will talk endlessly, for hours, about anything and everything. Regardless of the topic, be it trivial or deeply intimate, they openly express themselves with one another. They feel someone is finally receptive to all they have to say.


Soulmates and twin flames are able to express their innermost thoughts and feelings to one another. They share an emotional intimacy never experienced before with anyone on Earth. Both feel as if they’ve known each other for years. This makes communication between twin flames and soulmates a breeze.

People who are normally the quiet type find themselves opening up to their partner in ways that amaze them. Even though they’re not normally so forthcoming, they feel comfortable doing so. The feeling of being safe and understood creates an environment where this communication is different than they have ever known.

They share things never told a single person in their lives. Due to of this deep level of communication, they become best friends as well as lovers. In soulmate relationships that are not romantic relationships, they become close lifelong friends.

Communication Between Twin Flames and Soulmates
Communication Between Twin Flames and Soulmates

Soulmates and twin flames can also communicate without actually speaking to one another. It comes as quite a surprise, usually to both of them, that they can communicate this way. The connection can come with the ability to communicate via dreams, telepathy, and empathically. Please not that not all twin flame and soulmate connections include these abilities, but most of them do.

So how do soulmates and twin flames communicate in those ways?


Let’s start with dreams. Spiritually connected couples frequently have dreams about one another. They could dream their soulmate or twin flame is missing them or having a rough time. Many times they will each have the same exact dream at the same time.

This is simply another way of getting messages to and from one another. Couples who are separated often have recurring dreams about their partner right before they return to them.


Telepathy is yet another form of communication between twin flames and soulmates. They get messages from one another revealing both feelings and emotions. Some may hear it in actual words, even their partners voice. Others will see visions, as if they’re dreaming or are right there in the room with their partner. It can start with something as simple as having a craving for chicken pot pie all day long.

They normally don’t eat chicken pot pie, but for some reason are obsessed with the thought of eating one today. So, as they leave work they call their partner. When their partner answers the phone they say “Hi honey, just finished putting a homemade chicken pot pie in the oven, hope you’re hungry!”.

The other partner replies “That’s funny, I was thinking about chicken pot pie all day!”. Coincidence? No. Either the person preparing the pot pie was sending the message to their partner or it was vice versa. Once soulmates and twin flames realize this, they can expand and improve on their telepathic communication.


As for the empathic communication, it comes in crashing emotional waves out of nowhere. You find yourself feel one emotion, such as happiness or laughter. Then out of nowhere comes this tidal wave of emotion, such as sadness or anger. Later you learn that during that time your soulmate or twin flame got news of a death in their family.

That is where the emotional communication came from. This can either be a wonderful tool to gauge the others emotional state or it can drive one crazy and make them believe they’re suffering from out of control mood swings.

Like every other couple out there they need to keep open lines of communication and pay careful attention to what they are hearing, feeling and dreaming.