Empathy Between Soulmate And Twin Flame Couples

The empathy between soulmates and twin flames runs incredibly deep. When a soulmate or twin flame experiences something, good or bad, whatever they are feeling is experienced by their counterpart. The soulmate or twin flame connection often creates a dynamic where they can experience not only the thoughts of their partner, but also their emotions.

Let’s say soulmate or twin flame is feeling nervous or anxious and has good reason for it. As a result, the other can suddenly find themselves nervous or anxious at the same time. Yet they have no good reason for it. They may know they have no reason for this anxiety and my feel a bit ‘out of sorts’. Now they are wondering where it is coming from. There is an old saying that refers to “walking a mile in someone’s shoes”. The empathic connection causes soulmates and twin flames to walk a mile in each other’s shoes on an emotional level.

Emapthy Between Soul Mates
Empathy Between Soulmates And Twin Flame Couples

With those levels of emotions flying around, you can expect both the good and the bad that comes with it. Anyone that has met their soulmate or twin flame knows they could “feel” their emotions. A soulmate or twin flame may have denied having feelings in the past, or is denying them presently. Their soulmate or twin flame can still “feels” their feelings and knows they exist. It is hard to listen to a soulmate or twin flame reject the connection. The good news is that the empathy between soul mates overrides what they hear from them. The bad news is that it makes the person question which is reality and which is fantasy.

As they say, always go with your gut. Anyone can say they have feelings for you and be lying, just as they can say they don’t have feelings for you and be lying as well. This is one of the ways the empathy between soulmates and twin flames is so valuable. Since soulmates and twin flames can have a rough period, and lessons still must be learned, the empathy between them can give them the strength they need to get through those times.

When soulmates and twin flames are having a positive, loving period, especially at the beginning, they feel the depth of their own feelings as well as those of their counterparts. So often soulmates and twin flames speak of how they never believed they could feel so happy, so much in love, and at the same time, so loved by another person. A big part of this is thanks to the empathy between them. Soulmate and twin flame empathy allows the couple to really feel exactly how their soul mate feels about them.

It is an amazing gift to know on a soul level how much someone loves you. Knowing that someone else understands how we feel, even when we cannot articulate it, can be such a blessing. Your soulmate or twin flame can sense you had a bad day even before seeing you. Perhaps they’ll bring home dinner or flowers to cheer you up. You soulmate or twin flame may pick up the phone to call you at precisely the moment you need them to. This is all thanks to your connection.

Once soulmates and twin flames let go of their own ego and insecurities the gift they have been given can be used. It’s the only way take their relationship to the next level. Soulmates and twin flames have the unique ability to tune in to each other and on many levels. It comes in handy in avoiding pointless arguments, misunderstandings, showing true compassion, comfort and support when needed.

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