The Universe Brings Soulmates and Twin Flames Together

The universe orchestrates all initial meetings between twin flames and soulmates during each life time. They may also do this more than once for soulmates in each life time as well.

Fate plays a significant role in all twin flame and soulmate relationships. The universe decides the perfect time for the couple to have their first encounter by putting them in the same place at the same time. The universe then takes a step back and allows for the duo to exercise their free will.

The acceptance of their spiritual connection, and their reaction and actions towards it, is on them. It’s not the universe that causes drama, pain, or separation in spiritually connected relationships. It creates the space to have the partners experience this connection for the first time. The universe then doesn’t really see the need to intervene for the most part.


The universe can get very creative when it comes time for soulmates and twin flames to meet. They will often take each individual on a path they wouldn’t make without it’s intervention.

For instance, both parties may always go to the same place for lunch, every day, for year. However, they don’t go to the same place as each other. One goes to the cafeteria at their workplace. The other goes to the same favorite restaurant every day because of its wide variety and closeness to their office.

On the day of their fateful first meeting, the universe was hard at work. On the day in question, the cafeteria was closed because the power was out in that area of the building. The favorite restaurant was closed due to a burst pipe. Now both of them have to choose some other place to go and of course they wind up in the same place at the same time.

The Universe Brings Soulmates and Twin Flames Together
The Universe Brings Soulmates and Twin Flames Together

The universe created unforeseen events to facilitate their initial meeting.

There are some soulmate and twin flames who live on opposite sides of the country, or even the world, from one another. This is not a challenge to the universe, they simply pull a few strings here and there the couple will find one another when they’re destined to do so. You can’t miss your first meeting with your soulmate or twin flame because it is not up to you. If it’s destined to occur, it will occur.


Many operate with a misconception that twin flames and soulmates will always be together thanks to the universe. They think they can act out, deviate from their spiritual path and treat their partner terribly, because the universe will keep them together. This is not true.

The universe will lend a helping hand to couples that are doing their part and learning their lessons. Those that have taken their spiritual connection and used it the wrong way are on their own.

The universe is not responsible for each members growth. That’s the responsibility of each individual. They will provide the lessons and even repeat them over and over again. But it’s up to the couple to learn and apply the lessons. This is what will create positive change.

The universe will assist spiritual partners that work together and help them reach their potential. However, each partner must do their part as well.

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