Free Will and Your Twin Flame Or Soulmate Relationship

We all have free will. The Universe gave it to us to make the choices for ourselves. Nothing is set in stone in our lives. If it were, there would be no point in being here to experience life and love. Free will give us the ability to experience different outcomes based on the decisions we make or actions we take. But free will also forces us to take accountability and responsibility for ourselves, especially when it comes to our twin flame or soulmate relationships.


Many people have a hard time understanding what free will actually is. In giving a highly simple example, lets say you have a big test coming up and you decide that you are going to study every night for two weeks, including weekends, to pass that test. You know the material and you know that you should do well on the test if you apply yourself. You may even get a psychic reading to show how you will do on the test.

The reading reveals you will do great as providing you put in study time needed and focus on the material. On Monday though, a friend calls and asks you out for dinner. So you delay studying. On Tuesday you decide to watch television. And so it goes for the remainder of the two week preparation period. So what happens on test day? You fail. Why? Because you used your free will and decided to do other things instead of studying.

Free Will and Your Twin flame Relationship
Free Will and Your Twin flame or Soulmate Relationship


When it comes to free will and your twin flame or soulmate relationship, you have to be willing to be accountable and responsible for how things unfold between you. Many people call us and ask how free will comes into play with their twin flame or soulmate relationships. Some questions can not be answered the way a caller truly desires because the twin flame or soulmate has free will.

So for instance, lets say you want to know if your newly found twin flame or soulmate relationship will work out, if it will move forward into marriage. There are so many variables here and what the two of you do with this romantic opportunity is up to both of you and your free will. If you decided after three or four dates to do something stupid like get drunk at his company picnic, vomit on his boss’s shoes, and then do a striptease dance on the picnic table, your free will has pretty much changed the dynamic of where your relationship was headed.

Additionally there are “free will provisions” in your soulmate or twin flame psychic reading. The answer depends on what you do or don’t do in the future. There are two different outcomes based on what you do or don’t do, or what he/she does or doesn’t do. For instance, lets say you call for a soulmate or twin flame psychic reading to ask if you and your partner will get back together. The guidance is for you to initiate the reconciliation, but you choose not to because of your pride. Your free will causes the opposite outcome. And unfortunately you then have to take the responsibility for this twin flame or soulmate relationship not coming back together.

What we do in the present, and our current choices, affect our future outcomes. As we have mentioned earlier, not everything is set in stone. This is where free will comes in. If you are fighting with your twin flame or soulmate, and we see he/she needs a cooling off period before trying to reason with them, forcing a conversation now will not help. We see the relationship working out. But if you decide you need to talk to them right now, because you just can not wait one moment longer and the fight escalates into something much worse you very well might have changed the outcome all together.

When we execute our free will we need to be aware how it affects everything in our lives. Learning to be accountable and responsible to your twin flame and soulmate, will help the relationship grow and expand.

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