Are Twin Flames and Soulmates Meant to Be?

Are soulmates and twin flames meant to be? Well in our experience, the answer is a bit complicated. Soulmates and twin flames are definitely meant to meet and reunite. What would be the point in creating a connection between two people and¬† they don’t meet? That serves no purpose. And makes no sense.


Spiritually connected people are of meant to meet. They have a soul contract together. And the universe will always puts them together for the opportunity to fulfill that contract. The universe is not a dating service. And twin flames or soulmates don’t grow on trees. It’s not putting you together, or keeping you together, for the sake of romance alone. There are challenges that come with spiritual connections.¬†Their purpose is to provide the opportunity to create change, growth and spiritual awareness.

Are Twin Flames and Soulmates Meant to Be?
Are Twin Flames and Soulmates Meant to Be?

So after the reunion of souls the universe has done it’s part. The rest is up to the couple. And what they choose to do with the connection is up to them. Everyone has free will, and using that free will to make choices is what makes us human. We’re not puppets doing only the universe’s bidding. If that were true, rather than just keep couples together, the universe would probably work on bigger projects. And way bigger, such as ending war, and stopping crime all together.


It’s up to the individuals to decide what to do with the gift they have been give. Do we accept it gratefully and take on those challenges eagerly? Again, that is up to the couple. Will they take a leap of faith or deny the connection? Do they go further down a spiritual path and hold one another to a higher standard? Or do they use the spiritual connection between them to create a melodramatic, dysfunctional nightmare of a relationship? The choice is up to them.

We see many people comment, even those who call us, who blame the universe for creating their spiritual partnership. They blame the universe for the trouble they’re having with their relationship. Nice try, but don’t blame them. It didn’t have to be this way. The universe creates the connection and forces the issues you’re having. So you both have the opportunity to pass the tests.


So do you do the spiritual thing or do you do the fear based thing? If you allow repeated bad behavior in your relationship, that’s on you and your spiritual partner. Don’t sit around, biding your time, waiting for the universe to step in and fix it either. Divine intervention will only do so much. You broke it, you fix it. It’s senseless they put you together to learn absolutely nothing. But how to act out. It also makes no sense for them to fix it for you. This means you learn nothing in the process.

There’s no cheating when it comes to universal lessons. If you want to fix your soul connection stop acting and reacting in ways that are far from spiritual. Use faith and not fear. The spiritual relationship between you is not meant to be a nightmare. Uncomfortable, yes. Difficult at times, yet. But if you work together during these times your relationship would be stronger for it. You will broth grow because of it.

So when people ask if their soulmate or twin flame are meant to be, we explain you both are meant to meet. What you will actually BE is up to the two of you.

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