Why do twin flames reunite?

The motivation for twin flames to reunite varies for each twin flame and for each twin flame couple. Here are some of the main reasons twin flames reunite:


Soul Recognition.

Many twin flames, when first meeting, recognize each other at a soul level. This is often described as love at first site, but it’s a deep soul recognition between them that has great significance. Twin flame reunion is often motivated a strong magnetic pull toward one another. It’s a connection that is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

This connection cannot be experienced with anyone else, which is often a reason why the twin flame couple reunites. They’ve never felt this way about anyone before or since and want to be with the person who makes them feel whole and complete.

Spiritual Alignment.

Many times twin flames are at different places on their individual spiritual journeys, but have now caught up to one another. One twin flame may awaken first and be further along on their spiritual path. This twin is more ready, willing, and able to accept and embrace the twin flame connection.

The other, the one further behind, resisted, tested and/or feared the connection. Now they have also awakened and on further on their spiritual path. Now they feel the time is right to reunite with their twin flame.


Personal Growth has Been Achieved

The challenges of a twin flame relationship provide opportunities for personal growth and a greater awareness of themselves. Some stages of the twin flame journey can be very challenging, especially the separation stage.

For most twin flames, especially the chaser, the only way to get through the separation stage is through individual personal growth. The twin flame runner often goes through a period of self-discovery to understand why they ran from their divine counterpart.

It’s very common that after that realization, they reach out to their twin flame. Without personal growth for each twin, it’s difficult to achieve twin flame reunion. The motivation for twin flames to reunite is to continue the journey of self-discovery, both individually and as a couple.


The timing was not right when they first met. Many twin flames meet at a time in their lives when they’re not ready to embark on their twin flame journey. They may need some life experiences, have things they need to learn, are too young / immature, or not available at that time.

They never forget their twin flame…and the interesting thing is, when they reach out to reconnect with them, they discover their twin flame hasn’t forgotten them either.


Removal / Resolution of Obstacles.

What once stood in the way of twin flame reunion, or taking their relationship further, is now gone. This could be a karmic relationship ending, an issue with family, a great georaphical distance between them, etc. This is one of the most popular reasons twin flames reunite.

Healing of Past Hurts and Triggers.

These past hurts or triggers may have caused friction, or separation, for the couple. Personal growth and healing are often the catalyst for twin flames to reunite. This also ensures they will have a much easier relationship going forward.

Divine intervention.

Sometimes the universe steps in to help orchestrate a reunion between a twin flame couple. Of course, the universe helped them meet in the first place, but sometimes it also helps them reunite after time apart… especially if both twins are attempting to manifest a reunion.

There are many reasons why twin flames decide to reunite. These reasons, as well as the timing, can be different for every couple. Remember, the journey towards twin flame reunion is about personal growth and transformation. Focus on your own healing and trust the universe will reunite you with your twin flame when the time is right.