Separation Phase with a Soulmate or Twin Flame

The separation phase with a soulmate or twin flame often is the loneliest, darkest time for spiritually connected partners.

In some cases, being in separation with your spiritual counterpart simply means you’ve broken up or taken a break.

There is a common misconception that all divine unions must go through a separation phase at some point, which is not true at all. What creates the break-up, or break, between the couple is of their own doing. It didn’t have to go this route, but this is the path at least one of them has chosen.

Perhaps the connection was too strong for them to deal with. Maybe they’re afraid of their emotional response to the connection. Some may be afraid of the deep, serious nature of this kind of relationship.

It could also be they’re resisting the growth and change they need to make the relationship move forward. Whatever the reason, they feel at the time, the best way for them to handle it was to create distance from their soul partner.


There’s no easy way to deal with a detachment from the one you love. Chances are strong you didn’t even see this coming. There was no good reason for this to happen. It makes sense that you’re shocked and devastated that the relationship has taken a downward turn like this.

Of course you fear it’s really over and have no idea how to live without this person. You can’t see yourself as happy without them. You may fall into a deep depression.

Please don’t do this to yourself. Have faith, regardless of how it ended. Just because you’re in a separation phase, it does not mean your connection is gone, even if they claim they no longer feel it.

Separation Phase with a Soulmate or Twin Flame
Separation Phase with a Soulmate or Twin Flame

This may just be part of the path they need to take to learn how to become a fully engaged spiritual counterpart to you. More than likely, if they did this, they’re not as far along on their spiritual journey as you are. How can they truly pursue a spiritual relationship 100% if they’re not on a spiritual path? They both go hand in hand.

Perhaps they must take time away from you and the relationship to have the awakening they need to start their own spiritual journey. It’s awful that it has to be this way, but sometimes life lessons are learned apart, rather than together.

So what do you do during this time of limbo between the two of you? Should you wait or try to move on?


No one is telling you not to grieve or feel horribly hurt. But don’t let your life fall apart in the process. In so many cases the separation phase is just that, a phase. You won’t break up for good and you don’t have to go on without them.

Now no one wants to hold on to false hope, but we’re not telling you to do that. We’re saying to do as much as you can to keep your life on track. Don’t make rash decisions like quitting a job or not showing up so you get fired. Don’t rush to begin dating again thinking it will help you get over your soulmate or twin flame. Stalking their social media accounts is not a good idea. There you’ll see and read things that will not have a positive affect on you.

This is your challenge to yourself.

Your challenge is to not let this break you. If/when your soulmate or twin flame returns, one or two things will happen. They will either have learned nothing or they will have learned something. If they learn nothing while in the separation phase, you need to fully expect this will happen again. The next time you will be mentally and emotionally prepared for it.

You also have to do your part to prevent this from happening again and again. If they learned something, you can reunite and talk it through. You can create and enforce boundaries going forward so this doesn’t happen again. You can agree to discuss your fears and feelings of anxiousness with one another instead of withdrawing.

A separation phase can actually be the one and only thing that sets a soulmate or twin flame relationship on the right path to a fulfilling relationship. There are positive things that can come from them, as long as the couple behaves constructively rather than destructively, while apart.

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  1. This has been such a difficult time for me. I sadly do not think my twinflame is having as difficult of a time during this separation phase.

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