Stages of Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

Stages of soulmate and twin flame relationships define their spiritual journey as both individuals and as a couple. The choices each member of the spiritual union make determine if all steps are required for their evolution.

We will go through the common stages for soulmate and twin flame couples and what they may be face with each one. Keep in mind the order listed below is not the order every couple will experience these stages.


1. The Spirit Awakens Upon Meeting

Soulmate and twin flame relationships begin when the spirit awakens. This can occur in several ways. One way is when both partners aren’t on a spiritual path when they meet. Once they do, their spirits awaken. They cannot deny there is something going on that speaks to their soul. They feel the connection to another person and there’s no doubt they know it comes from their soul.

Another way is when both are on a spiritual path and are no longer interested in superficial relationships. They want something more, something deeper. When they meet with their spiritual counterpart, and experience the connection, they take another step along their spiritual journey. And this comes with a spiritual awakening. They want something more from their relationships.

Our final scenario is a combination of the two. One is ready, when the other is not. These combinations can have a tougher journey going forward because they’re at different stages of soul development.

2. Relationship Overdrive

In stage two the couple’s relationship and feelings develop at warp speed. Yet they both go with the flow of the energy between them. They allow the connection to show them love on another level. The relationship takes center stage and they enjoy every minute of it.

There’s almost a hyperactive need to share everything about themselves and learn everything about their partner. They share an excitement like never before about what the future holds for them as a couple. The duration of this stage varies from couple to couple.

3. Rejecting the Connection

Rejection of the connection stage is the third stage of soulmate and twin flame relationships. Upon meeting both partners are open to their spiritual relationship. Yet at some point, almost all soulmates question the validity of what they share. Sometimes fear creeps in and they wonder if it’s actually real and sustainable. The mind is now at odds with the soul.

They begin to question what’s happening. They wonder if this is one-sided. It makes no sense that they could feel this deeply for someone so quickly. This is a very treacherous stage. The choices made here basically determine how challenging the relationship can be going forward.

Stages of Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships
Stages of Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

4. Soulmate and Twin Flame Sabotage

The next stage is where one or both members sabotage the relationship. Once twin flames or soulmates question their connection they test it. The need to see if what they do or say breaks the connection. They want to test the limits of the connection and unfortunately this puts their partner through hell.

Without the creation and enforcement of boundaries the relationship becomes dysfunctional. This is a time for faith or fear. Faith will get them through it by raising the bar. Fear will destroy what they built if they lower their standards of behavior.

5. Runner and Chaser Stage

This stage can be the most damaging to spiritual partnerships. Due to one of the previous stages of soulmate and twin flame relationships, one or both may become a runner. The other may not typically be a chaser. However, accepting the runner back without consequence is still a chaser.

A runner runs either trying to escape the connection or to control it. The chaser is afraid to lose the runner and does anything to keep them. They may try and reason with the runner, or accept disrespectful, toxic behavior from them. The longevity or repetitiveness of this phases is up to the couple.

6. Learning the Lessons

At this stage soulmates and twin flames learn their lessons. Some may do it while in union while others do it apart from each other. Each and every spiritually connected couple has growing to do and lessons to learn. This stage goes hand in hand with the final stage.

7. Applying Lessons Learned

It’s not just that the lessons are learned, they must be applied. The pair have conquered their fears and gotten control of their emotions. They have resolved their issues and let go of their bad behaviors. They have come through this stronger and their connection is deeper than ever. Whatever life throws at them, they can get through it together as a team.

What stage is your spiritual union in? Our readers would love to read about your experiences in our comments section.

13 thoughts on “Stages of Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships”

  1. Unfortunately I am the chaser. I doubt this connection exists anymore. He’s technically ghosted me. I’ve sent many messages for a response of any sort for clarity or an indication to move on or stay. But he won’t respond, or block me either. Leaves me pending. I suppose this is his control technique or toxic spiritual connection mentioned in this article.

    • This could be a toxic situation BUT many twin flame runners will do this – they will just ghost the chaser until they’re ready to communicate

      • Yes I did get some clarity in the end – as I wouldn’t let up and contacted one of his family members and I ended up getting blocked on social media by the “runner”. Despite revealing my feelings. I’m not sure if he’s a twin soul, or what his purpose is in my life but I am trying to move on.

      • Moving on at this point, even if for the time being, is truly the way to go right now.

  2. My relationship is all so in the runner phase, and Sophia and Sara have had a heck of a time keeping me from becoming a chaser. I have been told that I am being tought about seperation, and like others have said, this is hell for me. I hope others in this situation make it out of it whole, because damn this is hard

  3. Runner/chaser stage here. My soulmate is afraid of the connection and the deep feeling of love. We are currently in a seperation phase (we broke up technically). It’s pretty much hell tbh, but I am trying to learn the life lessons I am supposed to and having faith he will come back.

    • You’re doing the right thing by focusing on yourself and learn what you’re supposed to do for your growth.

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