Relationship Issues for Soulmates and Twin Flames

Relationship issues arise quite often in soulmate and twin flame relationships.

Contrary to popular belief, most spiritual partners aren’t in our lives just for a perfect romantic relationship. The main reason they’re in our lives is to provide personal growth and life lessons.

Many people are often surprised by the number of relationship issues, problems and obstacles they encounter with their partner. Based on our experiences, we compiled a list of relationship issues soulmates and twin flames need to be aware of.


1. Bad timing.

Many soulmates and twin flames have to deal with bad timing. If one or both partners are in other relationships when they meet, it feels like really bad timing. Another could be that the couple meets but one has to move across the country for work or family crisis.

The time apart can be very challenging for one or both, and it’s a time that lessons emerge. We have to remember that we design them before incarnating on the planet, for a reason. That reason is the life lessons that come with the challenge.

2. Bad behavior.

Spiritually connected couples are not always on their best behavior. As a matter of fact, in many instances it’s quite opposite.

For example, one or both people could have an addiction to drugs, sex or alcohol and with it comes bad behavior. Or, they could exhibit signs they only know how to be in dysfunctional relationships. They will bring this toxic dynamic into their spiritual relationship because they have not addressed it or worked on it.

There could also be self-destructive behaviors stemming from unresolved past issues. In order for the relationship to grow and evolve, each of the members will need to evolve and change.

3. Denial.

When a soul connection is too intense for one or both to handle, denial comes in handy. They can and will do everything they can to disprove the connection exists. When this occurs they can actually block all contact with their soulmate or twin flame.

In their minds it’s somehow easier to deny the connection rather than accept it. This is a difficult issue to deal with because one partner will still very much feel that connection. But the other partner does not mirror it back but tucks it away and refuses to acknowledge it.

4. Disappearing acts.

Soulmates and twin flames are very good at disappearing and can actually do so quite frequently. They can disappear, and reappear, many times during the length the relationship. The real key here is to understand why it’s happening but also how you manage yourself during the disappearing acts.

When the one you love is missing in action for weeks, or months, it can be quite frustrating. When it happens again and again, it can be very destructive and create more issues in the relationship.

5. Love triangles.

Quite often these couples have a problem with interference from another man or woman. It could be a previous relationship that has not fully resolved. Or it could be a new relationship that creates a diversion from dealing with the one they are really connected to.

There are many scenarios involving love triangles between spiritual partners. Unfortunately the damage done through love triangles can be astronomical.

Relationship Issues for Soulmates and Twin Flames
Relationship Issues for Soulmates and Twin Flames

6. Moving too fast.

Often twin flames and soulmates feel they have known each other forever and feel comfortable very quickly. The soul level recognition between you creates that comfort and familiarity.

Additionally, the sparks are flying and you want to feel and experience the connection as much as possible. Because of this, it is quite easy for relationships to develop way too quickly and move too fast.

What was speeding along at 90 miles an hour can slow to a screeching halt at any moment. It can be very difficult for the intense connection to match the logical amount of time the couple has been together.

This adjustment can cause major issues. One of the partners will slow down the connection in order to focus on normal life stuff. The other feels this subtle shift in energy and can often panic and worry the relationship is coming to an end.

7. The highest highs and the lowest lows.

Members of a spiritual union seem to feel and experience everything to the extreme. The good times are fantastic and the bad times are bloody awful. When things are going great and the connection is flowing, you feel as if you are on top of the world.

When things are not flowing well between a spiritual couple, you can become depressed, despondent, lazy, irresponsible, indolent and even manic. It’s very important you find another outlet when things are problematic and maintain a level of accountability for your life.

8. Fear.

Some people are terrified by the overwhelming emotions caused by the connection. Both partners must face their fears, as part of their soul contract. But what exactly is there to fear from a soul connection?

Some fear a loss of control, fear trusting someone with their heart, fear the responsibility of being in a relationship, fear being accountable their partner, etc. These may not be fears to you, but to your partner they are very real. When they are unable to face those fears, they can either run or deny the connection.

9. Unrealistic expectations.

Many people believe they can do anything, or say anything, without causing real damage to the spiritual relationship. They may even think it gives them carte blanche for screwing up. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Everyone should have realistic expectations when it comes to their spiritual union. Not all spiritually connected couples stay together, and if you keep testing your connection, your partner may walk away for good.

10. Accepting unacceptable behavior.

Because of the strong emotional and often empathic connection, one can lose any semblance of reason or logic. They may find themselves tolerating behavior from a soulmate or twin flame that they would NEVER tolerate from any person on earth. These behaviors can include, cheating, disrespect, manipulation, and verbal, physical or emotional abuse.

If you don’t tolerate this behavior from anyone else, how could you tolerate it from your soulmate or twin flame? This enabling will make for a highly dysfunctional relationship and one you would be ultimately very miserable in.

What relationship issues have you and your soulmate or twin flame encountered? Comment down below!

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