Soulmate And Twin Flame Fears

Soulmate and twin flame fears seem to manifest in all spiritual unions. But these relationships should really have nothing to fear.

One would think if soulmates and twin flames have faith they would be without fear.

Since their connection is so strong and the feelings are real, what fears could they possibly face? Why is it that soulmates and twin flames seem to have more fears and doubts than normal couples?


In all romantic situations, soulmate and twin flame alike, you risk a broken heart. Are soulmate and twin flame fears really any different than what all couples must face, conquer and deal with?

Well in some ways, there’s a big difference in the fears they face because of the powerful connection.

When you first meet someone, you may be on the fence about whether or not you really like them. There’s no feeling of emotional danger because you’re not emotionally invested in that person. So you can take time to get to know them before you open up your heart to them.

You minimize the risk by choosing only the right people to give a chance at a relationship with you. If you don’t really like them, or have no chemistry, you simply don’t go out with them again. Case closed.

Likewise if you meet someone that’s very different from you or not your type, you remain shut off from them. They don’t stand a chance with you. In many ways you have some control over the situation because you can make choices with your free will.

Soul Mate Fears
Soulmate and Twin Flame Fears


When it comes to soulmates and twin flames it’s another story. When you first meet a soulmate or twin flame you feel an immediate connection to them. It takes no time at all.

The feelings are present even though you barely know them. It didn’t take you any time to warm up to them. As a matter of fact you hit the boiling point the second your eyes met. You couldn’t minimize the risk. You didn’t get to decide to give them a chance per say.

The connection did it all for you.

Many soulmates and twin flames tell us they would never in a million years choose their spiritual partner at first meeting. They either were not at their best, not single, or run from the red flags right away. But because of spiritual connection, they feel powerless.  At this point their free will, to a degree, went out the window.

Soulmates and twin flames often feel they should choose a partner with less risk, drama, issues and obstacles. So naturally they have more fears.


Soulmate and twin flame relationships can be so overpowering. Some of their problems feel like the script of a soap opera. When they see the challenges before them, they often think they’re insurmountable. When confronted with the lessons they must learn, they feel overwhelmed.

Not all relationships require change and learning lessons. Soulmate and twin flame relationships often do. Many normal relationships are actually easier than spiritual partnerships. That’s another another reason for soulmate and twin flame fears.

Spiritual connections are not easy relationships.

The common misconception of soulmates and twin flames is that they’re easy relationships, when they rarely are. So when obstacles start to show up, they question if the connection is true. They fear they have been mistaken. They believe soulmate and twin flame relationships shouldn’t be this difficult and shouldn’t take this much work. Once that fear creeps in, many others can come along for the ride.

When their soulmate or twin flame acts out, they begin to fear their connection is one-sided. They begin to fear their soulmate or twin flame may not feel the same way about them. They fear their spiritual partner will never get their act together and the relationship will never work out.

Once those fears surface, bad decisions are often made. What was once a relationship built on faith and the intense connection is now guided by their lack of faith in the connection. Instead of bringing out the best in one another from a place of love, they bring out the worst in one another from a place of fear.

Fear and love can’t coexist in a relationship. One always wins pushes the other out completely. Is your relationship full of fear and anxiety? If it is, the time to deal with it is now. Let us help you fill your spiritual partnership with love, and expel the fears, before more damage is done.

Originally posted on 07/22/2015 @ 7:20 pm

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  1. You addressed some of the fears I have been experiencing with my soulmate. Does it get better over time?

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