Maintaining Your Dignity with Your Twin Flame or Soulmate

Maintaining your dignity is a major lesson for twin flames and soulmates. 

Have you lost your dignity in your soulmate or twin flame relationship? Does your dignity take a back seat to pleasing your partner? Do you sacrifice your dignity to keep your relationship afloat?

Is it really working? What else does it cost when you toss your dignity aside? The price you paid will be very high indeed.


When you sacrifice your dignity you’ll feel unsure and insecure in the relationship. When your dignity suffers, your self-esteem suffers. Insecurity can do a lot of damage to any relationship. It’s a downward spiral and the insecurity will just grow. Recovering your dignity, when it has taken a major hit, takes a lot of hard work and a lot of time.

You probably believe you’re what’s best for your relationship. It’s important to keep it moving forward. However, you’re avoiding important issues and lessons that need to be addressed.

These issues and lessons are part of your journey. You can’t move forward without learning them, and until you do, you stay stuck. There’s no forward movement.

When you sweep things under the rug, and don’t take care of the problems as they occur, they only get worse. Their influence begins to permeate every area of your relationship.

Maintaining your dignity will be next to impossible  when you go against what you know, deep down, is right.

When your partner is doing the wrong thing, you shouldn’t follow suit.

Maintaining Your Dignity with Your Twin Flame or Soulmate
Maintaining Your Dignity with Your Twin Flame or Soulmate


You know in your gut when you’re going against your soul. When something feels wrong, don’t do it. Let your intuition guide you. One’s intuition will never steer them wrong.

Keep in mind not to confuse fear with intuition. Fear helps us avoid issues and lessons, and instead create excuses. You may say to yourself you should let little things slide and be the bigger person. Why risk making it a bigger thing? Well, it will become a bigger thing if you do not nip it in the bud!

It’s one thing to let a little thing slide, but another to sweep something under the rug. Especially if that something is a red flag. 

Maintaining your dignity needs to follow you throughout your relationship.

It should be easy if your relationship is on the right path. A relationship that’s on the wrong path will leave dignity and self-esteem behind. If your spiritual partner’s words and/or behavior triggers you to do something beneath your dignity, it’s up to you to address it. You need to change your response and behaviors in an effort to bring about change in your soulmate or twin flame as well.


Your dignity isn’t gone for good. You can always get it back. But in order to retrieve it, you’re going to have to make some serious changes. First, get back on your spiritual path. The universe created this soul connection to further your spiritual journey, not to go backwards!

You also have to be realistic going forward. Your spiritual partner may not like the fact that you’re taking your power back. They may try and do everything in their power to prevent that from happening. Don’t let them prey on your weakness.

Maintaining your dignity requires you to stand firm and do what you know is right. Stand up to them, and stand up for yourself, when you feel it’s necessary and proper.

Show them this change in you is a permanent one. It will help them accept your changes and force them to realize they have to make some changes of their own. These are the changes soulmates and twin flames agree to create in the soul contracts they share with each other.

Change for the better, not the worse. 

If things get way out of hand, you may need some time apart to give yourself time to heal and rebuild. Take the time to find yourself and center yourself.

When you do, you’ll be able to maintain a relationship with confidence, dignity and self-esteem. You and your partner should both look at your past relationships. What bad dynamics and behaviors did you learn from them?

Have both of you brought them into your current relationship with a twin flame or soulmate? Just having a connection with someone won’t get rid of baggage from the past. Rid yourself of unhealthy behaviors and habits. Learn to create and enforce boundaries.

Healthy people have healthy soulmate and twin flame relationships. This will make maintaining your dignity so much easier.

 Have you lost your dignity in your soulmate or twin flame relationship? Have you been able to get it back? What steps did you take? We would love hearing your experiences and so would our readers.


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