The Journey for Twin Flames and Soulmates Takes Two

The journey for twin flames and soulmates takes both of you. You can’t be on a soulmate or twin flame journey all by yourself. That makes zero sense.

The journey for twin flames and soulmates starts when they meet.

Where that journey goes, is the path the couple will chart together.

You can be on your own spiritual path. Many people are. It can help you remain grounded when you encounter a twin flame or soulmate.

Many soulmates and twin flames start out at different levels of their personal spiritual journey. Along the way they may find themselves going at a different pace or on different paths.


Once soulmates or twin flames meet, they both dictate which paths they’ll take as individuals and as a couple. One person can’t control it alone. It takes two. The spiritual journey entails recognition and acceptance.

Soulmates and twin flames will recognize each other at the same time. But the acceptance of the connection is up to each individual. One may accept it right away, while the other may deny it to anyone who will listen. And they may even try to convince themselves the connection doesn’t exist.

Until both partners accept the connection they will try to test it. Testing it is a big mistake. But again, it’s up to each individual if they pass the tests.

The Journey for Twin Flames and Soulmates Takes Two
The Journey for Twin Flames and Soulmates Takes Two

One partner may break off the relationship in attempt to deny the connection. That’s their choice and their free will. The other, although devastated, shouldn’t react to the mistake their partner is making with mistakes of their own.


This part of the journey for twin flames and soulmates is where they choose their unique path. Following someone down a dark path, instead of staying on the right path, doesn’t make the journey any easier. It will only be harder.

If you really accept your soul connection, you have faith in it. Having real faith will keep you from choosing the harder path on your journey. This is why your individual spiritual journey is so important. If you’re not spiritually grounded, you can get stuck. Then you can’t move forward.

You may think you have faith in your connection just because you’re willing to have a relationship. However, that’s not real faith. Real faith is believing in your connection when your soulmate or twin flame doesn’t want a relationship with you.

This is also true when they deny or reject your connection. If you succumb to your insecurities, or think the connection is one-sided, you haven’t truly accepted the connection either.

How the couple reaches the point of reunion on their journey, once again takes two. If the couple reaches a point of acceptance, and stops testing or taking advantage of the connection, then reunion is the next part of the journey.

Both must be willing to create and enforce boundaries properly in order for the reunion to be a lasting one. This shouldn’t be a temporary fix.

All soulmates and twin flames have the opportunity to have a happy ending. But both parties are responsible for the steps they take, or don’t take, in getting to that happy ending.


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