When Your Twin Flame or Soulmate Rejects You

When your  twin flame or soulmate rejects you it is the most helpless feeling on earth. What started out as an instant connection has left you dazed and confused. When your  twin flame or soulmate rejects you it causes you to wonder if this was all a fantasy created in your own mind. It was amazing how easy it was to talk, get along, and how much you had in common. The level of attraction, and the depth of feeling caused you to soar to heights never before experienced. It was quite stunning how fast feelings developed. All those things made you question your own sanity, but since your soul mate was on board, you felt validated.

Now they rejected you, and you are questioning anything and everything. Did they ever feel the same way you did? How could they have felt that way and then reject you? Was anything they said the truth? How could it be the truth if they are denying it or walking away right now?

When Your Soul Mate Rejects You
When Your  Twin Flame or Soulmate Rejects You

Before you drive yourself crazy with all these questions, first you need to settle yourself. You know what you felt. You are not prone to falling head over heels with everyone you meet. There is no doubt that these feelings were different from any you have felt before. The same thing happened with your soul mate. It was real. You both felt the same thing. What is different is that you embraced it, they rejected it. Not everyone readily accepts a gift. They may be thrilled with it at first, but then when they realize the serious nature of that gift they want to give it back and run for the hills.

So when your twin flame or soulmate rejects you, don’t jump the gun and blame it on yourself. When a twin flame or soulmate rejects you, peel back the layers and look for the real reason they may be doing this. Forget about the feelings they shared with you and the plans you made for the future. Forget how happy you both were for the time being.

Instead, think of the things they told you about themselves. Things about their family, past relationships, bad experiences and their fears. Somewhere in there should be a clue as to why they felt the need for flight instead of fight when they became fearful of this relationship’s intensity. The answer lies within them, not with you.

Your connection to them stirred something within them, something they have been avoiding dealing with. It is this issue (or many issues) that must be dealt with first, and sometimes it must be dealt with solo. That is up to your soulmate or twin flame. If they choose to go at it alone for a while, you have to allow them that. It is not easy, but it is best not to fight it.

Stop thinking it is your job to help them, convince them, or change their mind. The fact that you even think you can do that shows you have some issues of your own that you must address. Focus on your own issues, and leave them to theirs. When a twin flame or soulmate rejects you, remember that it very well may not last forever. It may be longer than you like, but for the relationship to truly grow and evolve both partners must let go of old baggage and rise to the challenge.

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