Are You in the Soul Mate Friend Zone?

Are you in the soul mate friend zone? Many times, because one or both soul mates are not ready to handle a romantic relationship, they stick their soul mate in the friend zone. This is confusing, hurtful, and frustrating for the soul mate who is ready to have a real relationship.

Please understand that although friends can be soul mates, neither of them have romantic feelings for one another. We are not talking about that kind of soul mate. We are talking about soul mates who have the romantic connection, but for whatever reason are pretending to “just be friends.”

Neither of them really relegates the connection to friendship, no matter what they say. They feel much more, but at least one of them, refuses to admit it. They know exactly what they really feel, they just won’t reveal their feelings. (And often no one else either.)

Are You in the Soul Mate Friend Zone?

Are You in the Soul Mate Friend Zone?

Sadly, this is such a waste of time and does a lot of damage. The soul mate who is hoping to get out of the friend zone impatiently waits for the soul mate to realize their feelings and give them a chance at a relationship. They may have to watch their soul mate get involved with other people. They may have to listen to the gory details of their dates or other relationships. They may experience mixed signals and messages, that give them hope only to have them dashed soon enough.

This can cause a soul mate to question their own sanity, wondering if the connection is all in their mind or one-sided. A connection is never one-sided, it always goes both ways. Your soul mate may be very convincing, but it is all an act. They want to keep your “friendship” going because they don’t want you to move on. They want you in their life, they just are not ready to commit to that relationship 100% yet. So they keep the “friendship” going, knowing how hard it will be for you to move on to anyone else so long as they are around.

They know they are keeping you in limbo. We understand why a soul mate would be willing to be “friends” because they would rather have their soul mate in their life as a friend instead of not at all. This is really the worst possible thing you can do. Nothing good comes from doing this. You wind up torturing yourself and it does nothing to help your soul mate awaken and grow closer to you.

Quite the opposite happens, in actuality. You wind up giving your soul mate the feeling they can take as long as they want or need to get their act together. They wind up taking for granted that you will always be there. This prolongs your agony, it does nothing to stop it. So, if you are stuck in the soul mate friend zone, you have to get yourself out of it. If you really want a romantic relationship with your soul mate down the road, you have to get out of your own way and end this pretend friendship that you to have so you can have a more meaningful relationship.

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