When Your Soul Mate is in Denial

When your soulmate is in denial it is the most frustrating part of your soul mate connection. It is really hard when you have waited to finally meet your soul mate, and instead of enjoying the connection they are in total denial that you are soul mates. When a soul mate is in denial it is a very destructive time in a soul mate relationship. How you navigate through this period is crucial to the survival and outcome of your relationship.


soul mate denial

When Your Soul Mate is in Denial

For instance, if your soul mate is in denial it could cause you to question the connection as well. Well that’s just great. Now both of you are question your feelings, what the other one feels, and both of you could be in denial. This doesn’t help. If you are not the kind of person that falls for another easily, or doesn’t think everyone they meet is their soul mate, chances are you know a soul mate when you find one. You don’t need a diagnosis from a professional to know that someone is your soul mate, for the most part it is pretty darn obvious. Don’t let your soul mates denial cause you to question what you know in your soul is real.


When your soul mate is in denial, you may feel it is your job to prove to them that you are soul mates, and explain to them what it means. It isn’t your job and it isn’t your journey. It won’t do any good anyway. It will just make the two of you at odds, and in order for them to “win” they will have to prove to you that you are not their soul mate. That proof means saying or doing hurtful things to you. Why subject yourself to that? Why make them focus on proving they are right and you are wrong? It won’t work.


Until they experience for themselves the pain of being without you, or not having you in their life in the right capacity they won’t be open to hearing the other side. They have to be ready, and if they are in denial, they simply are not ready.  So stand still. Realize this is often a part of the soul mate process. The universe will help them see the light, it doesn’t need your help. Your intentions may be good, but your actions and words may only wind up making things a lot, lot worse. They may actually do such a good job it will even convince you! So how can that help? If you want to get into a debate with them, you may not win. When a soul mate is in full blown denial trying to convince them to accept reality and change their mind is pointless. You have to sit on the sidelines and stay out of the combat zone. It is for your own good, and for the relationships good as well.


You have a choice. You can either let your soul mates denial lead you to the conclusion they will never realize what could be between you. You could let it make you think you don’t stand a chance, and that they will never change their mind. You could feel like a fool for believing in something that wasn’t real. Or, you could have faith that the universe that created this connection has a better chance at being of help in this situation. You don’t have to feel powerless, the universe is the greatest power of all, and they brought you together for a reason. Be patient, stay sane, and allow both the universe and your soul mate the time to make things right again.


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