Denying the Connection for Soulmates and Twin Flames

Denying the connection is common in twin flame and soulmate relationships. When a couple first meets, the connection is so strong it’s hard to believe it’s real. Even those who welcome the connection, or have wanted it for so long find, themselves denying the connection at some point.

No matter how much you prepare for a spiritual partnership, most find they’re not prepared at all. The connection is extremely intense and overwhelming. It washes over you like a huge wave and takes over you mind, body and soul. It’s unlike anything you will ever experience in your life.

So is it any wonder why so many are denying the connection?


When the logical mind tries to manage or make sense of the connection, the first step is usually denying it. It can’t be real, right? How can I care so deeply for someone right away? It doesn’t make sense. Therefore it must not be real. It’s much easier to go about denying the connection than trying to make logical sense of it. Many folks feel this way.

Denying the Connection for Soulmates and Twin Flames
Denying the Connection for Soulmates and Twin Flames

People in spiritual connections must face tough challenges as opportunities for growth and change. Growth and change are not easy. And not everyone is up to the challenge or even open to change.

So what’s the alternative? If you don’t want to learn your soul lessons, or get on a spiritual path, the first choice of course is to just deny the connection exists.


Don’t want to set proper boundaries with your family? Scared to leave your toxic relationship? Don’t want to deal with your insecurities? Afraid to face your abandonment issues? Then the easy way out of that would be to just deny the connection so you don’t have to.

It’s shocking how many people do this, rather than welcome the chance for growth and change. Yes, the growth and change would make them much happier. And their lives would be more fulfilled and positive. People have their issues and the reasons vary. But the root of the resistance always comes from a place of fear.

Usually when someone goes so far as denying the spiritual connection, they will also push away their soulmate or twin flame. This sets their spiritual partner into a tailspin. So now this partner now wants to prove the connection is real and will go to great lengths to do so. But when they do this, their partner withdraws even further. Some will go as far as blocking their spiritual partner from all contact.

So now the other spiritual partner sometimes ends up denying the connection too! They think someone they’re spiritually connected to would never do this. Well they’re wrong. Because it happens all the time. So now both people in the spiritual union are in denial.

In most cases, the original denier will take longer to acknowledge the connection. Regardless of who goes first, both spiritual partners will accept that it truly exists. They may still deny it to the outside world, but they know in their heart and soul the connection is real.

Originally posted on 08/13/2020 @ 3:56 am

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  1. My TF has been dying our connection recently, and it came out of no where! They were the first one to talk about the connection we had and now they are denying it!

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