Abandonment Issues in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

Abandonment issues are common in soulmate and twin flame relationships.

This is because emotions, as well as fears, run higher than in mundane relationships.

Almost every emotion felt in a spiritual partnership goes to the extreme.

When soulmates and twin flames love, they love deeply and passionately. When they have disagreements or fight, it can also go to the extreme.


This is especially true if the the couple fails to grasp the life lessons they agree to learn. This also applies to their individual fears and insecurities. If either of them have abandonment issues, they will more than likely cause a negative impact on the relationship.

The progression of the relationship may slow to a crawl or get stuck. Then the couple will be unable to take another step forward. Most relationships will come to a complete standstill if abandonment fears and issues are not addressed and dealt with appropriately.

People with abandonment issues continually fear their partner will end the relationship. Due to this fear, they often shy away from relationships altogether. They could date a lot of people, but they don’t allow anyone to get too close.

If a soulmate or twin flame constantly keeps their beloved at arm’s length, it could be because of abandonment issues. It’s difficult for spiritually connected couples to stay away from one another, no matter how hard they may try. Yet those with abandonment issues find a way to create space between themselves and their soulmate or twin flame out of necessity.


Generally, when someone has abandonment issues the cause is having been abandoned in a previous relationships, or relationships. They have yet to release the pain of abandonment and will do everything in their power never to experience it again.

When they encounter a soulmate or twin flame, and feel the intense emotions, it terrifies them. Instead of looking at those emotions in a positive way, their perception is a negative one.

Abandonment Issues in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships
Abandonment Issues in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

They realize they have feelings for someone in a way that is completely new to them. It could be a great thing, but they also see a potential to be hurt very deeply. So they run for the hills.

They do whatever they can to avoid the spiritual connection and potential emotional trauma that comes with future abandonment. They will deny the connection exists and that feelings exist.

When your soulmate or twin flame has abandonment issues you may feel the connection is all in your mind. They deny that they feel the same was you do. Many will go out of their way to make you think you are the only with those feelings. They will often try to convince you, while they are trying to convince themselves, that the connection doesn’t exist.


Not all people with abandonment issues are single. The soulmates or twin flames may already be in relationships with others prior to meeting. Does that mean they don’t have abandonment issues? No, it does not.

Some folks with abandonment issues pursue relationships where they won’t get hurt. They purposely will choose someone who makes them feel safe. For them, it’s a wiser choice to pick someone without a powerful connection between them.

They believe there is safety in settling. It gives them a sense of power and they have no fear of being dumped. If their partner dumps them, they wouldn’t be hurt since they don’t care deeply about them. It would be a blow to the ego but not to the heart itself.

On the other hand, a soulmate or twin flame can deeply hurt them. They will worry and have anxiety about losing that spiritual connection.

So now they find themselves at a crossroads.

Do they give up the safety of their prior relationship and run the risk of getting hurt by a strong soul connection? That’s a leap of faith many people in this situation are afraid to take. Their fear is genuine and they may not be willing to put themselves at risk. But, of course, some do.

All soulmate relationships come with obstacles and abandonment issues can be a real challenge. The more you and your soulmate understand these issues, the better chance you have of overcoming them. If you have abandonment issues and fears, perhaps this soulmate relationship came into your life to help you heal it once and for all.

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  1. My soulmate has had real bad abandonment issues from his childhood. It has directly affected out relationship.

    • Oh it will unless they’re addressed they will continue to be an issue for him and no relationship will work.

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