A Twin Flame Or Soulmate is Often A Mirror Of Ourselves

A twin flame or soulmate relationship often acts as a mirror.

We’re not just talking about the mirroring of behaviors, tastes, and experiences, but of yourselves as a whole.

It’s a true reflection of your inner and outer self being reflected back to you through the divine soul connection.


At the first moments of interacting with a twin flame or soulmate, you may be stricken with amazing similarities. Twin flames and soulmates usually discover they take the same twists and turns on their individual journeys through life. More than like, you share similar experiences that are quite unusual for most people.

We are the mirror, as well as the face in it.
We are tasting the taste of eternity this minute. ~Rumi

You may learn your spiritual partner has the same moral compass, plans for the future and personal goals. At first it might appear sheer coincidence. Then at some point, coincidence goes right out the window.

You know this is your twin flame or soulmate, because you appear to have been mirroring each other for quite some time. There are so many parallels and synchronicity between you. You grow to realize they really understand you on a deeper level.

A Twin Flame Or Soulmate is Often A Mirror Of Ourselves
A Twin Flame Or Soulmate is Often A Mirror Of Ourselves


You may discover there were many times when you were in the same place at the same time. They may been places you both love to go. You never ran into one another, because it wasn’t yet time to connect.

Your lives, and the mirroring of each other, have set you up for your first encounter. You could be from completely different countries. Both of you could speak different languages. You may have been raised with different religions.

Yet the mirroring with your twin flame or soulmate is still present. The similar life experiences between twin flames and soulmates actually strengthens their union. There’s a sense of understanding and safety which makes the other feel comfortable. This reflection is not only looking into the mirror of their twin flame or soulmate, but looking deeper into themselves. 


Twin flames and soulmates are not perfect people. You both remain two individuals with a shared spiritual destiny.

There may be moments where they expose a side of themselves to you that isn’t exactly pretty.  Due to the mirroring nature of these relationships, you will both be able to experience personal growth.

In order to do so you must both address negative behavior patterns. What you see in your spiritual partner you also see in yourself, whether that is good or bad.

Here’s a simple example. Your spiritual partner is often frustrated in traffic and becomes snippy with you when you ask a question. So you then get snippy right back. You react to what is being reflected to you. Both of you are being shown you need to deal with frustrations in a better, more adult, way.

You will see the similarities in how you both handle frustration and the hurt that frustration causes one another. The mirror helps you each grow separately, as well as together, as you work through the issues reflected in the mirror. 


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  1. You confuse me because you always use twin flame and should mate interchangeably. Why? Are they the same? And if not what do you think is the difference between them.

    • Many people confuse soulmates and twin flames and we are aware of that. So we wrote this site for those who confuse the two. They are only the same in that they are spiritual connections. This article will explain the true diffences, but here we choose to talk about them as spiritual partnerships, which is what they are.

  2. Hello ,
    I was trying to find your fees for a twin flame reading by phone or email, but the prices are no where to find…Also , do you give twinflames reading by email?, and how can I get an appointment for this reading ?
    Thank you kindly .
    HAve a wonderful day.

    • The advisors do not do email readings. The rate is 3.99 per minutes, and you can speak as long or as short as you wish. Be advised if you are just calling to find out WHEN you will meet your twin flame, save your money and don’t get a reading. It is up to divine timing, and the advisors cannot give you that timing.

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