Empathic Connection for Twin Flames and Soulmates

An empathic connection occurs in all soulmate and twin flame relationships. In some respects an empathic connection creates a deeper level of understanding and compassion to a spiritual partner. But these same connections can create a wild emotional roller coaster ride. And not in a good way.

Soulmate and twin flame relationships have intense emotions. And they can be very overwhelming. It’s hard enough to handle your own feelings, much less the emotions of the two of you. Not only do spiritual partners share empathy with each other, they also have telepathic connections¬†as well.


An empathic person has sensitivity towards other’s feelings and experiences. And this gives them a deeper understanding of what they’re going through. When you’re in a soulmate or twin flame relationship the empathic connection will allow you to feel what your spiritual partner feels. You experience the emotions of your spiritual counterpart without even trying. And they even don’t have to be in the same place.

Empathic Connection for Twin Flames and Soulmates
Empathic Connection

For instance, you may be at work. while they’re at home, and suddenly find yourself angry for no reason at all. Later, when you get home, you discover they had a big argument with a family member. And they were very angry at the same time you felt angry at work.


You will feel your soulmate’s or twin flame’s emotions, thoughts and feelings out of no where. No matter how far apart you may be, they will come at you and hit you like a freight train. Because they’re not your feelings, it’s common to think you’re having emotional issues yourself, or experiencing mood swings. Clients have often sought help from a doctor because they truly thought there was something psychologically wrong with them. And in some cases, they thought their hormones were out of whack.

Once a soulmate or twin flame understand these feelings belong to their spiritual partner, they’re easier to manage. First, you must learn to separate yourself from your their emotions. When you’re flooded with emotions out of nowhere, take a moment to pause. Ask yourself if there’s anything going on in your life to warrant such an emotional response? If the answer is no, chalk it up to your empathic connection.

Validate the emotion for what it is. Is it anger, sadness, frustration, stress or something else? Make a note of when it happened. And then let it go for the time being so you do not get caught up in it. When you talk to your soulmate or twin flame, ask them about that day. And you will get the validation as to why you were feeling that emotion at that time.


If you and your spiritual partner are estranged, wait at least a day before you take the time to think about the experience. Try not to over-analyze it. But just take the message you’re being sent. Did you feel overwhelming melancholy, yet on social media they’re portraying themselves as the happiest person on earth? Well your empathic connection allows you to know the truth. Take the validation and the sign for what it is. They obviously aren’t doing as well as they want everyone to think. Many times, right before a reunion happens, the empathic connections are stronger than ever.

Empathic connections between soulmates and twin flames allow the couple a deeper understanding of one another. And it’s just another way to support your partner. Learning how to work with your empathic connection can help enrich your spiritual relationship so long as you learn how to use this tool properly.

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  1. This has happened to me more times than I can count. Great article. Took me a while to even believe this, and then understand how to handle it. Last time it happened in August it was so heavy I could barely move. I ask my guides to send me a dream/thought that will make me feel better and let go. They did that night (dream did not involve my counterpart) and I have felt better since. Also, the more you do this, the more the counterpart has to deal with their OWN stuff because you’re not anymore.

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