The Purpose of a Twin Flame Relationship

Many people have somewhat of a misconception of the purpose of a twin flame relationship. Most people operate under the misconception that a twin flame relationship is a deeply connected intimate relationship where the two of you share each other’s thoughts, complete each other’s sentences, have the best sex of your lives and both of your grand mothers are named Mary. Well these are all very nice thoughts and certainly nice to have in your life, the purpose of a twin flame relationship goes much deeper than that. And if it didn’t it would not really be a twin flame relationship.


The Purpose of a Twin Flame Relationship

The Purpose of a Twin Flame Relationship

There seems to be some confusion between soulmate relationships and twin flame relationships. Soulmate relationships are more for the individuals, for their personal growth, spiritual growth and positive evolution of their souls through the experiences they have with that soulmate. When it comes to the purpose of a twin flame relationship, however, it is much more profound because you are contributing to mankind as a whole, the the experiences you gain in that twin flame relationship. This of course does not indicate that there will not be plenty of personal growth in a twin flame relationship, because there will, as you will both be mirrors to reflect the good, as well as the not so good, that needs to be addressed in each other. The purpose of a twin flame relationship is moreso to bring some sort of gift to the world through your partnership with your twin flame.


The main purpose of a twin flame relationship is to bring something of value into the world. Not to the relationship, not to you, not to your twin flame but to the world as a whole. Now this could be something where the two of you work together to help others for example, working as missionaries in a third world country. But it does not have to necessarily be something like that. It could also be a creative project you both work on together that will be well received by people and help elevate their consciousness or bring about positive change in their lives. On the other hand, perhaps you marry and have a child who ends up being the greatest composer since Mozart, who can deliver great music to the world. Regardless of what it is, there will be a soul gift that is given to the world which is the purpose of a twin flame relationship. We must also consider that perhaps the twin is not yet ready to bring their soul gift to the world which will create issues and problems between you, which is a topic we will cover in a later posting.


As the course of your relationship develops you will learn or figure out what this soul gift is. On the other hand, you may meet as a result of already being in your soul path of delivering your soul gift to the world. We must be very clear here so we will reiterate, a twin flame relationship has to have a purpose and that purpose is not so you can have a fulfilling intimate connection to another human. If there is not a soul purpose for the two of you to be in a relationship together, it will still be a great relationship, but perhaps a soulmate relationship or just a regular mundane relationship.


If you need help figuring out if you are in a twin flame relationship or a soulmate relationship book a twin flame psychic reading with Sarah or Sophia. If you are currently in a twin flame relationship but not totally sure what the purpose of a twin flame relationship is, they will be able to provide guidance and insight to getting you on the right path.


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  13. My gift Found me…But we are phisicaly so farway…

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  27. Almost spot on

  28. Great article …so good to point this out Bc so many women get overly excited thinking everyone they meet is their twin flame lol. Our story..His child has type one diabetes and currently the family does lots of public fundraising and spread awareness she was on tv recently before a live event ..she’s 8. He is a sports writer and youth football talent scout for the U.S. west coast …I run a healthy cooking blog and am writing kindle cook books…I’m helping him start up his personal web sight for youth scouting ..I can c us collaborating on cookbooks for diabetes to help raise money for the diabetes foundation with his daughter (she is seriously the prettiest little girl you’d ever seen looks like a freaking mini model !) and I have always thought I’d speak to young people about how to turn what they love into online based careers so Immediately when I realized he was my twin flame I thought our mission must be to use his connection to youth and teach and speak about how to pursue their dreams and goals and work with the diabetes foundation and my knowledge of cooking ..will have to update u as we r currently in the reunion phase so taking things slow after separation in other relationships

  29. You hit on something most twin flame experts miss – and that is there is a reason for being together – you have to bring a divine gift to the world!

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