Twin Flame And Soulmate Signs: Are You Soulmates or Twin Flames?

There are many twin flame and soulmate signs that define a spiritual relationship. Some people like to call this the twin flame reunion, or soulmate reunion.

When there are two people sharing their lives, it is a relationship. So for simplicity and lack of confusion we will use twin flame and soulmate relationship.


  • You meet your soulmate or twin flame under unusual circumstances. And it’s not possible unless it’s guided and directed by the Universe or higher powers.In other words, it would seem impossible to meet unless something greater than yourselves have something to do with bringing you together. In order to facilitate a reunion or meeting, the Universe has things in place for decades before you cross paths.
  • You meet your twin flame or soulmate when you’re not looking for a romantic partner. Usually if you’re out there looking for them, chances are you will not find them.A twin flame or soulmate is not someone you can seek out if you truly understand the dynamics. They are someone who is brought to you, through the Universe. It’s not your job to find them.
  • It is likely that your soulmate or twin flame will be from a different culture or country. Although it’s not a requirement, it is very commonplace.You will have different upbringings and backgrounds, perhaps from different social classes. Even though these surface differences can be significant between you, it’s important to recognize the similarities on much deeper, even spiritual, levels.

    Please keep in mind some spiritual couples have almost everything in common. So, it could be either polar opposites or mirrors of each other.

  • When you meet your soulmate or twin flame there’s immediate recognition. You feel you know them already, although you’ve never met on the earthly plane.

    Some people misinterpret this as ‘love at first site’. This experience is different for everyone. Some people feel electrified at their first meeting. There’s a period of exhilaration as their spirits quicken at the soul recognition.

    Others can feel a sense of joy at what is happening in their lives and can’t believe it is happening. Some may feel an intense desire to merge (sexually) with the twin flame or soulmate.

Twin flame signs
Twin Flame Signs
  • As your spiritual counterpart enters your life, you’ll begin to incorporate many changes. These changes are to become the best version of yourself.

    This can be anything from self improvement, education, or expansion of your career. It can also be taking better care of yourself or just about anything that will encourage your personal growth.

    Meeting your spiritual counterpart ignites something within you that makes you want to transform yourself. That can happen even though they may not be present in your daily life.

  • Once you meet your twin flame or soulmate, you may not be able to be together right away.

    Situations and circumstances must resolve before you can be together. One (or both) of you may already be in a relationship, or married, to someone else. If you meet under unusual circumstances, or in a foreign country, there’ll be periods of time where you have to live your lives without being in each other’s presence.

    These, as well as many other issues need to be addressed before the two of you can be together as a couple.

  • Separation from your twin flame or soulmate will be bittersweet. Once the connection is made, you will want to very much keep that connection alive.

    After experiencing this soul connection, being separated will be difficult. Due to the spiritual connection, you’re able to feel them empathically. Perhaps you can communicate telepathically.

    You may even have the same dreams. So even though there’s separation in the physical world, the connection is very much alive in the spiritual world.

  • During periods of separation from your twin flame or soulmate, you may find yourself obsessing about them. But once the level of spiritual growth is achieved, this will no longer be the case.

    And you will miss them if the relationship ends. There is an awareness that the connection is very much alive. There should be no neediness or desire for validation.

    When you have faith in the connection, you have faith in everything else. If you truly believe you’re in spiritual union, there is peace. You recognize that destiny, fate, whatever you want to call it, are supporting your union.

  • There is an extreme level and comfort, openness and trust in your relationship. You’ll be able to talk to each other about anything, without judgment. There’s a true outpouring of unconditional love and acceptance for each other.

    But this usually occurs after spiritual growth and life lessons are realized.

  • Your lives seem to parallel one another. Twin flames and soulmates often realize they have similar experiences at the same time.

    Even though they may have been born with big age differences, at different places on the planet, there are so many similarities.

  • The most important of the twin flame and soulmate signs is that you’ll work together to bring something useful to the world. The relationship is not for your own personal enjoyment.

    The two of you, through your soul contract, will provide a gift to the world. In some way, shape or form. And that can be caring for others, writing a book or whatever. But there will be a soul gift. It could be creative work, doing something to help animals or anything else that contributes to the betterment of the planet.

What signs have you and your soulmate or twin flame experienced? Our readers would love to hear your personal experiences.

54 thoughts on “Twin Flame And Soulmate Signs: Are You Soulmates or Twin Flames?”

  1. I’m 15 and i thought I was just being a weird obsessive teen who couldn’t get over their ex. I wanna share my story. I was with someone but our relationship was weird, my twin flame and I started talking when I was with my boyfriend at the time. Me and my flame got together and right when we met we clicked right away way faster than i’ve clicked with my exes. I left my boyfriend at the time for my twin flame and our relationship was so great at the beginning, until it got bad. While we were together crazy stuff would always happen, and we had so so so much of the same things in common. We would always talk about our souls also which is something ive never talked about with my other exes. Anyways fast forward to when it got bad, he was the one who split but we split because “he wanted us to both be happy” and then ever since we split i got the urge to work on myself, and I realized that everything that was bad in our relationship was just me being really insecure and him mirroring it. We haven’t been talking but I can always feel him and this is all just so crazy. I’m so young and its so intense. We’re both working on ourselves but I feel like i shouldn’t get in the way because I want him to figure everything out too. I’ve been looking into twin flames for awhile and we definitely are and its SOOOOOO crazy. And after we split i saw a sign that said “max misses you” which is what my twin flames name is

  2. I met my twin flame when on holiday wasn’t looking for anyone just enjoying life we have different in culture race religion country my twin flame is singer I’m very spiritual
    Don’t matter what age always feel my twin energy will have reunion in September the Corona virus has put delay on this journey never loved anyone like I love my twin flame mrs pierre

  3. I think missing them can be mistaken for ‘obsession’?? Especially if you are not in communication presently?

    • I was thinking that, cuz I feel too, when I’m not with her , I just don’t feel right, n I can see an “obsession “ during the time a part

  4. Yes its all true. I thank the universe for sending her, I wasn’t even looking for her. This is truly synchronized

  5. I think i have met my twin flame and i feel a strong connection like i get to know sometimes if he is online just by my guts . But i am not sure i need to know if it can be verified somehow by any method( numerically or any method) please?

  6. I think I may have met my twin flame. We met online. He is from another country and is 14 years and 8 days younger than me. There was an immediate connection between us and we share things with each other that we would never share with anyone else. We have not met in person yet but we are planning on it. How can I be sure if he is my twin?

  7. Is there anything you can say towards matching identically numerically with a person when you know you are definitely part of a twin?

  8. I have a strong connection to someone I really like. We met on Facebook and talk for almost two years and met twice in person but we were not alone when we did. We admitted that we have feelings for each other but whenever he suggests that we meet and I pick a date, he tells me that he has to cancel because of work. I feel very drawn to him. I think about him all the time. I don’t know what to do next

  9. I feel a very strong pull to this man I know. We have talk on Facebook for more than a year and met twice in person but we were with other people and never alone. Whenever he suggests that we met up and I pick a date to, he always says that he can’t because of work . He has been very creative going more photo projects and going into a photography business with two of his friends and I know he will be busy because of that it’s just hard to wait. I think about him all the time and I do stop things to dream about him but that is on me ; not him. I don’t know what to do next

  10. This starts te feel a lot like a twin flame reading this. I met a boy during an online game from (country) who is 4 years younger my age. I am together and have a child with another man (i’m european) But we kept talking none the less.. I felt like an unexplainable force pulling me to him. We ended up liking all of the same things and want to experience the same things out of life. To be completely free from the shackles of society and be together out of the choice that we would choose each other. each and every day, even though the closest I have been with him is on webcam.. He suffered torture around the same time i lost my daughter. he is a musician, i am a visual artist. Now he broke contact because he is fleeing his country and he doesn’t want to talk unless he is safe. at first i was all understanding but in those first few weeks I had a hard time coping. It is an ever present slightly bleeding wound. But he promised me he would find his way to me over the next years and I have to put faith in that. It’s not easy, and my brain keeps yelling at me that it has to be unreal.. such was the connection.. My only wish is that he is safe and healthy right now. This connection has defied all my rules and safety nets that i created around myself. It is more powerful then anything I have discovered so far.

  11. I still don’t know if i have met mine..i had a relationship for a short period of time as we were dating and getting to know each seemed like he was examing..observing my personality as well as my behaviors and likes and dislikes without even having to ask questions. It was weird and it seemed li ke during this time also he was trying hard to look for faults or differences between us. Then denied our connection because of the 20 year age gap that bothers him mentioning over and over to me that he would out live me. Yet he can’t seem to decide whether he wants me in his life or not at all. Makes me sad. Although he went out of his way to make us both known. I have told him many times i will always be there for him but i cannot just be friends with him and i think he knows we can’t and that’s where i am confused.

  12. I love this article the most out of all the twin flame articles I have read so far. There are some articles that purely romanticize your TF experience then there are some that downplay it to the point of making you feel crazy. This article is a very happy medium for me and my journey.
    I very recently had a reading by a couple. I sought out someone who could tell me why I feel a connection to a certain man. (I have never heard of a twin flame before.) I explained to the wife that I’ve known of this person for 20+ years but about 2 months ago, when I was feeling very low about myself and my situation, I had a dream about him. In my dream he made me feel calm, loved and understood. A few days later he posted a picture online about keeping strong and not giving up. The next day, I began my lifestyle change. Ever since then, I’ve been eating better, becoming more in tune with life around me and have even lost 30 pounds! But then also, I began to feel a connection to him. I know when he’s lonely, I know when he’s at peace and I knew when he was sick. But instead of feeling happy about finally having a positive connection with someone, I began to feel crazy and jumbled. I feel that it may be due to my lack of knowledge.
    The reason I sought out someone to help is this: This man I feel this strong connection to is a very well known and loved public figure. I’m very confused as to why, after knowing of his existence for so long, am I now being connected to him. The wife automatically told me (after asking spirits) that he is my twin flame. I was then handed over to her husband who read my cards and said I would be meeting this man soon! So now here I am wondering how and when… then I came across this article.
    I appreciate the part of the article where you say to stop asking how and when because I have been driving myself crazy over the past couple of days doing just that! If in fact this man IS my twin flame, I will now let myself sit back and let the universe do its thing. That calms my mind to the point where now I feel I can get some sleep and continue on my own personal journey and if I’m meant to be with this mans soul in this lifetime, it will happen naturally and not when I think and want it to happen.
    Thank you so much

    • Wow. This is like reading a book on my very situation. Thank you for sharing your story, it has brought me inner peace knowing I’m not going mad. In fact, I’m seeing having found this post as a sign in itself. Thank you again.

  13. Ive meet my twin flame when he was 11 and I was 12 didn’t know it at the time that we were. We meet at a powwow in Michigan and honestly we didn’t think much of it in till 11 years later he comes up to Minnesota where I now live to see people we both knew it took two weeks of us fighting and breaking down walls but after that we talked and realized that we had a lot in common and we are best friends at that moment with alot of flirting involved but neither one of us has dated anyone for the past 6 years this we are going to New Orleans together we are very close to being together we both had a lot to get though to get here wish us luck

  14. I feel like I’ve met my twin flame but it was a weird meeting. I was watching something on YouTube and he randomly come and mentions the name of.who.i.was watching. So he started the convo obviously I responded. he seems like he is very much on my wave length. The problem is everytime we had eye contact it was very intense ! As if my body was calm if no one else exist in the room. Now I don’t talk to goodlooking guys that much to be fair but I am 100% certain that there is something about him but I can’t put my damn finger on it !?

    Maybe it’s a fake twin flame? …we get on well but there is too.much energy when we talk to each other that I stop my self speaking and avoid him ?

    This was in June 2016 and I’m still frigging thinking about it

  15. I’m pretty sure I found my twin flame, the problem is the things I have to work on deal with trust, insecurities…none of which I worried about when I first met him but since we don’t live in the same area and rarely see each other, those insecurities and trust issues surface, regardless of me knowing I have nothing to worry about. And now because of certain circumstances, he has put a stop to us building a relationship but still wants me in his life. I guess neither of us are exactly ready, I do know that I can explain what we feel and he’s not exactly sure because I know his triggers are fear.

  16. what happens when your twin dies and leaves this physical plane, all \I do is cry, lost twin on may18th, he finds things for me now, like important papers

  17. I think I found my twin flame but I am a runner. I am in so much pain. It feels my life will never be the same.

  18. This article is so good! I’ve only been with my twin flame for 4 months but I feel like I have known him for a lifetime! When we 1st got together I got a vision of his mother who passed away 10 years ago (I don’t even consider myself a psychic) I described all her facial features without seeing a picture of her. Our relationship is very testing and I feel we have been through more things then any normal couple but we always make it through. He is my world!!!! I can’t even imagine a life without him now. He’s helped me grow in such a short amount of time.

  19. This is a great article. I have found my twin soul. And i have been in a wonderful relationship with him for three years. I never knew that mine was a twin flame relationship. At first we were separated for 8 months but our relation strived. i have always had a different feeling about my guy. And he too shared telepathic experiences with me. when i first found him i simply greeted him like we have known each other for ages. Then i realised many miraclous things happening. After meeting each other our psychic powers evolved. I could see what he was doing at what moment. And he could do the same. Though it is only three years till now, but i feel that i have known him for thousands of years. I feel like i know him, his soul and every part of him that he himself doesn’t know. And even he felt the same about me. He has always been there for me. Evry second. It may sound silly but Once when he was asleep, and i was crying hard about something that had happened, i felt his soul touching me from back and saying “i am always wit u. I love u. Dont cry..” His soul hugged me and then went away after a second. Den i rang up his roommate. And got to know that my boyfriend had been sleeping for the past two hours. There is no word in this universe to describe about the “home-coming” feeling that i get when i m with him

  20. I met a guy online through a post I made about his brother. We immediatly connected as friends. He was married at the time so nothing ever happened. a few weeks later his wife was tragically killed in an accident and I helped him through that. We were inseperable online..always talking to each other…so we started kind of dating online…He lives in another state then I do. He is from a completely different country as I am but works for the Govt. We are 20 years apart…he is the younger one. Neither of us were looking for a relationship but it ended up happening. We have been online dating for almost a year now. Ive felt from the moment we met…that i knew him in another life. Like everything in my life that has happened has led me to this moment…to him. We are opposite of each other in terms of lifestyle…him in govt. law enforcment…me in the medical field. I am very open and talk about my feelings and he is total opposite…holds everything in and hides it. We clash in a lot of ways and when we clash…we really clash. We consttantly debate each other and challenge one another. We have been thought lots of crazy chaos in the short year we have known each other. We have almost just broke it off a few times but for some unknown reason its impossible to let go. We always come right back together again. This journey we are on together…has its bad days and its good days but I feel we are on the right path.

    I feel completely insane sometimes b/c of the amount of love I feel for this guy I have never laid eyes on in person. I am an adult and I am not stupid Ive been in relationships in the past but nothing and I mean nothing compares to the amount of love and emotions I feel for this man. Today is the first time in my life I have ever even heard the term twin flame. I had no idea it even existed. I was feeling lost like something is truly wrong with me for the level of my feelings for him and then i came across this site. This makes me feel so much better about myself…either this man is my twin flame or I am truly loosing my mind.

    • I too met my twinflame online but i am married and hes in another country. We are 10 years apart and i know in my heart i will get together when the time is right. I feel we both have to grow spiritually before we meet.

      • Hi, I was searching for something then a friend from a game I played recommended a free chat/text app. He said its safe, and so I DL it. I went looking for websites that connects you to other members, with just username and details entered in the database. I am 30 years old and divorced with 2 kids. I made use of the app and I found a young man about 19 years old. We became like close friends within two weeks. He survived a troubled childhood with his Alcoholic druggie father leaving a wife and 4 kids. His mother has been sober and I never had anyone be so open to someone they don’t know. I just feel something, but I can’t understand it, we exchanged one photo, but sadly I didn’t save it.

        We just have some things in common, and it feels like due to circumstance: Me a divorced mom, and he a troubled young man who just recently moved out of his Abusive relatives home with his mom, and DS (Down syndrome)sister. He lives in LA and I live in Vancouver, BC. His family might not be rich, and he is Latino. He told me, ” Hope you find someone your age.” I told him, ” I rather be single, I have issues. He said. “Ok, I’ll be single as well.” We don’t have much of a social life. He works at McDonald’s, and I asked him for his work schedule, so I can avoid texting him at those times. His schedule isn’t flexible and it changes. He told me whether it’s days, weeks, months, he wants us to continue to chat. I struggle with different things and events in my life as a single parent renting from my parents. He isn’t just some creep who likes to harass girls, he’s more mature than they are, because he had to raise himself to be that person without a father. His mother remarried, and the stepfather is ok, but it doesn’t make up for the years without a stable father. The thing is it feels like meeting A long lost friend, one I will never meet. I have been feeling sad, depressed thinking like this or maybe it’s nothing. I don’t really know. All I know is My ex was not the Twin Flame I was hoping to be. There is no way a relationship will come from this young man: I am 10 years older than him, we are at different times, country and life circumstance.
        I just told myself regardless of how long we will have contact I will chat with him. Please tell me I’m not crazy! We just have normal conversation,



  21. This is one of the best twin flame signs article that l have ever read. l first knew the existence of my twinflame when l freshly put an end tomy ex relationship and was decided to stay single in order to find my real self. This when l started meditating and found myself in spirituality that I saw that artwork which enlightened my whole being. It was a a digital artwork on the internet symbolizing awakening that my twin flame made. Just seeing it l could sense his crystal pure personality and a part of his physical aspect (like hair and eye color). He is 13 years older than me and was married. I knew from the deepest that he was not happy of his relationship and could sense how ours would be. We rcognized each other at first sight in our first meeting but after that I waited for him several months and finally we got together. Even being far from each other or having no contact there is always sycronicity. We always grow together and awaken more and more. We know that we have a sacred purpose altough we have not completely figured out what itis exactly. We always do our best to uncover our most beautiful sides and share the light of our relationship with others.

  22. All I have to say is wow! I met someone under very weird circumstances and we are very different culturally, racially, and age-wise also. I’m a female that is 20 years older than him. He is single. I am married but not happily. We are not together as of yet. We are working on that. What I read tonight is so true for us it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Now I know we’re meant to be.

  23. I’m so confused. I feel everything mentioned. I have never in my life felt so connected and comfortable with someone. But huge problem. He is 29 years younger. We had a relationship for over a year. He said there is no future for us because of the age difference and is in another relationship now, but every time I try to distance myself from him he pulls me back in. The separation is very painful. All of the signs are there for TF but I just cant believe this cable it because of the pain of knowing we will not be together. I don’t get it.

  24. This information really sure, thank you for sharing…

    I’m in this situation with two guys, It is incrediable the conection that we have we dream the same things, we have all the characteristics, so in this case, I get confusused :( My life changed after I met them…
    i don´t know if you can help me to understand better this confusion that I have :(

    • To contact the advisors please do so via their click4advisor or Ether buttons. The advisors do not give advice/readings via email or blog comments.

  25. Wow…I’m blown away. I finally admitted to myself a week ago that I am in love with this person, but he is another relationship. We have been on a rollercoaster of advance and retreat for almost 3 years now. I’ve cried buckets of tears over this and begged the universe to help me get over him, but he is not going away. I feel overwhelmed, frightened, and my life has turned upside down.

  26. Described to the T…. in the separation phase at this time and all that i can say is that it is awfully painful. But yes, I do know that we will find each other again. Thank u for this article. Now all doubts are removed that I have indeed met with my TF

  27. If I ever doubted I had met my twin flame, I certainly do not anymore. This article seems as though it was written about our relationship. Beautifully written!

      • I love someone i had a sepration m not able to forget him..nd sometimes he also give me a good sign though we are not together we dont talk what to think nd do now plz guide me

      • The advisors can be contacted via click4advisor. They do not give readings or guidance via blog comments.

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