Age Differences in Soulmate And Twin Flame Relationships

Age differences in soulmate and twin flame relationships are quite common.

Many people are surprised when they learn their soulmate or twin flame is either much older or younger than them. Prior to meeting a soul partner, they were only attracted to, or got involved with, people in their own age group. Then out of the blue, and much to their surprise, they discover a spiritual connection with someone with a huge age gap between them.


Relationships with an age gap have their own challenges, but when you add the twin flame or soulmate connection it can bring even more difficulties. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be open to a soulmate or twin flame relationship where there is an age difference.

Society still smirks, and looks down upon relationships, where there are significant age differences. Of course it goes without saying, society judges these summer-winter relationships less when the man is older than the woman.

Many of our callers worry about the gap in years between themselves and their significant other. If you and your partner don’t mind, who cares what anyone else thinks? If it works for the two of you, why listen to other people’s opinion?

You’re both adults and don’t need everyone’s approval. It would be nice if friends and family are supportive, but you don’t need their support to be a happy couple, do you? As long as you don’t let their lack of support hurt your relationship, they can’t affect it.

Age differences in soulmate and twin flame relationships
Age Differences in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships


Some friends and family may mean well. They know statistics for relationships with age differences and are just expressing concern. Others may want to run your life, or feel they know what’s right for you, more than you do yourself.

You know how strong your feelings for your soulmate or twin flame are. They don’t. They may never have experienced the connection in a spiritual partnership, so how could they?

People may see relationships with an age difference as risky. Aren’t all relationships a risk to some degree? If you’re going to take any relationship risk, wouldn’t you take it for a soulmate or twin flame? Regardless of the differences in your age?


One of the challenges for relationships with an age difference is having a family. One partner may feel they’re too old for children or they already have children. But the same could be said for couples with little age difference. It may be more common in large age gap relationships, but it is not exclusive to them. It can be an issue in any relationship.

Another challenge in relationships with an age gap is being labeled a gold digger or having one’s intentions questioned. Many people believe the only reason a couple would be together with such an age difference is because of money and lifestyle. As long as the two of you know the truth, you don’t have to constantly prove yourself to others.

The main thing, however, to truly consider when it comes to age differences, is that souls are timeless. The connection is not truly between bodies but between souls. When souls truly connect, time and space don’t seem to matter.

So don’t let a silly number come between you and your soulmate or twin flame. The universe put the two of you together for a reason. Focus more on your connection, because, after all, age is just a number.


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11 thoughts on “Age Differences in Soulmate And Twin Flame Relationships”

  1. Exactly !! That’s what I’m going through right now. My soulmate and I have 30 years age difference between us! And I get afraid of it sometimes

  2. For my twin flame journeys, I’ve been blessed with the next level of the experience. My souls twin and flame was the first person I became friends with, in this lifetime. Her name was Michelle Mentzer. She was my safe space. Avoiding the abuse I didn’t receive at home. The abuse my 6 older siblings received was my single reason for being attached to Michelle’s hip from the age of 4 to the age of 18. Michelle died from leukemia three months after her 18th birthday. So I fell into a place of my life being lost for 22 years. Then as soon as I began my first steps into self care and changed my lifestyle completely, I met her and her same souls frequency vibrating with mine instantly and I said. “Finally, she showed up again. Her smile and her eyes were so sweet and so cute I said it outloud and I haven’t been able to find another way to describe her since. We are currently in no contact and will not be perfect but with a 19 year age gap, her worries far exceeded mine. I was only able to be happy and accepting and I’ve never been able to provide any kind of equality based self worth since. But slowly she is a huge feeling I’ve never known, while also being able to say that I loved her within the first 5 minutes of meeting her new outward beauty and feeling that souls Christmas morning vibrational frequency. It’s so much more than true love. It’s as if we were shown our destiny prior to being able to provide the explanation or the self relaxations ad they would happen. Im so happy that I never knew how to give up on the facts how she made me feel my whole life growing up and then me having the courage to turn down every other lady I met with during my teen and young adult years. And she showed me why I was able to make a decision on her life 22 years before we met for the second time. Instantly, effortlessly like conjoined twins and I had never known that faith alone would be able to provide my prayers being answered by this lady I was never told or knew about till after we went no contact. Im so in loce with my own life for her to feel and know she is the love that saved me from being poor and also wanting to end my life’s path after the 22 years of being patient and not feeling her souls most magnificent magnetic pull on my life. We both have telepathic and emotional issues while the other is experiencing them. Im so happy too know I am a believer in reality and fairytales coming true for our reunion after Whats been 4 years now. She is a woman. And I’m a man in God’s heart wait8ng for her to know she is the reason why I’m so loyal and unconditionally love her no matter what I had to face to shower her with my energy and Chakras to protect her from the forces im not going to mention. She is the most and the person I’m going to spend my life with.

    • So happy you have found this person – blessings of love and light to you both

  3. My soulmate and I have a big age difference that I worried about but we have not run into many problems with it yet.

  4. I have a soulmate relationship where there is a big age gap. It has triggered some insecurities but for the most part it has not been an issue.

    • Exactly !! That’s what I’m going through right now. My soulmate and I have 30 years age difference between us! And I get afraid of it sometimes

  5. My soulmate and I have a significant age difference between us. For a long time, it was a source of worry for me. Now, I feel much better about it. As he always says, “Age is just a number”.

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