Family Interfere in Your Soul Mate Relationship?

If your family interferes in your soul mate relationship, it may not only drive you crazy, but drive a deep wedge between you. Our families are very important to us. They help shape us into the human beings we become, so the last think we want to do is upset or hurt our family. But what if family members are hell bent in keeping two soul mates apart?


You don’t want to lose your soul mate, but you don’t want to lose your family either. When they are interfering, you may feel you have to choose one or the other. So what do you do? First and foremost, look at who is forcing a choice to be made. If your soul mate is doing nothing, and it is your family, then the fault lies with them.

Does Your Family Interfere in Your Soul Mate Relationship

      Family Interfere in Your Soul Mate Relationship?


Your soul mate may have tried to defend themselves and even lashed back at them. If you didn’t stand up for them, then you left your soul mate no choice. Shame on you, that was your job and you never should have put them in that position. Your people should allow you to grow up, and make choices for yourself.


If your soul mate makes you happy, what is the problem? Your family doesn’t want you to be happy? In almost all cases, they would never admit that. But if they don’t make your happiness a priority, there is something wrong with your family dynamic. They should trust that you know what is best for you and who is best for you. You didn’t have a say in who they date or marry, do you? That was their choice to make. They don’t have a right to take away your choices.


You may have been very close with your family and spent a lot of time with them when you were younger and single. Now that you are an adult, they have to let go of some of the time they spend with you. You are supposed to go out, find a soul mate and start a family of your own. How can you do that if they screw up your relationships? You can’t, so you have to put a stop to it if you want an adult relationship of your own.


Don’t expect your soul mate to accept their interfering, because “that’s just how your family is”. Nope. It is not time for acceptance, it is time for change. You can’t let unhealthy negative behaviors of your family keep interfering in relationships that are none of their business. You need to demand your family show respect to your soul mate relationship, or you may have to distance yourself from them for a while. If they don’t respect your soul mate relationship, then they don’t respect you.


Part of the lessons you learn from your soul mate is to demand respect from those around you. Sometimes families may be interfering because of religious beliefs. Sometimes families would rather see their child with someone higher on the social ladder and with better financial standing. Again, it is not their choice and they need to stop interfering. You are the only person who can get them to stop interfering in your relationship.


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