Do You Fear Losing Your Soulmate Or Twin Flame?

Do you fear losing your soulmate or twin flame? Many people fear they will never find a soulmate or twin flame in their lifetime.

But when they actually meet, they fear losing their newly found soul connection. It’s fairly easy to understand why they fear losing a soulmate or twin flame. Soulmate and twin flame relationships are very special and very rare.

The incredibly strong connection in and of itself supports the fear of losing your soulmate or twin flame.

These relationships are like no other. Most of the people we speak with say nothing compares to the emotional bond the develops between soulmates and twin flames. But spiritual partnerships often encounter drama and conflict. And that drama and conflict can create insecurities if one is not careful.

Those insecurities can create an environment of fear. So when people are fearful, they tend to make bad choices. And this of course could increase the chances of the relationship falling apart.


If you allow someone to behave in a manner you know is wrong, you’re not helping the situation. Instead it’s enabling more bad behavior from them. What you allow, will continue. So whatever behaviors you allow your soulmate or twin flame to bring into your relationship, expect them to continue.

Don’t expect them to change while you continue to allow it. More than likely you’re allowing their behavior because of your deep rooted fear they’ll end the relationship.

You may believe you have to give in, be the peacemaker or tolerate this kind of treatment. Using the nature of the soul mate or twin flame connection is not a good excuse. You may fear they will leave and end your relationship if you challenge their behavior in any way.

But by supporting their bad behavior, you’re actually putting your relationship on a collision course with disaster. If you fear losing your soulmate or twin flame, why would you continue to support its dysfunction?

How could you allow the fear of losing your soulmate or twin flame make your relationship worse?

When you let fear dictate a relationship, you set in motion the inevitable ending of that relationship. Relationships cannot be healthy if they’re fear-based. A healthy relationship is love-based. Love and fear cannot coexist in a healthy relationship.

Do You Fear Losing Your Soul Mate Or Twin Flame?
Do You Fear Losing Your Soul Mate Or Twin Flame?

Sure, we can all reasonably fear that if we cheat on our romantic partners we would lose them. If a relationship is built on love, there would be no reason for cheating. Love is dictating your actions and behaviors, not fear.

In soulmate and twin flame relationships, the love can be very intense and overpowering.

That is hard enough for some folks to handle. If that love creates a fearful environment, the level of fear becomes overpowering too. As the fear grows, there’s less love in the relationship. When you fear someone will leave you when they’re doing wrong, you can’t really believe they love you, can you?

If you think you have to tolerate bad behavior, out of your fear-based feeling they will leave, you can’t believe they really love you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be so afraid. If you trust in the love you share with them, you wouldn’t be afraid to stand up for yourself.

Now you may also fear losing your soul mate or twin flame because you believe they don’t love you enough.

Now how is that a spiritual relationship that makes you happy? This relationship makes you insecure. Again, if fear takes over, relationships, even soulmate and twin flame ones, break down. It’s a vicious cycle where the more you tolerate mistreatment, the more you don’t believe they love you.

Self-love is now non existent. You feel ashamed at your willingness to tolerate such bad behavior. You may even use your spiritual union as an excuse. Do you think this is part of being in a soulmate or twin flame relationship? It isn’t. Yes, spiritually connected relationships are often rocky ones. And it’s up to you and your spiritual counterpart not to give into your fears. If you do, your worst fears will most likely come true.

It’s ridiculous that people use the excuse that all soulmate and twin flame relationships must have drama in them in order for them to grow. Yes, lessons can be learned from painful experiences. But soulmates and twin flames make choices of how they will learn their lessons.

They can learn them the easy way or the hard way. You can learn a lot in a nurturing, supportive environment from creating a healthy relationship experience.

Originally posted on 06/20/2015 @ 10:27 pm

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