Will My Soulmate or Twin Flame Forget Me if I Don’t Contact Them?

Will my soulmate or twin flame forget me if I don’t contact them? The simple answer to that question is no, they won’t.

Just like you did not forget your twin flame or soulmate, they can’t forget you.

The fear of being forgotten by a soulmate or twin flame is frequently used an excuse to make contact. But it’s a lame excuse. And it does nothing to solve the real problems between the couple.

If you really believe someone is your soulmate or twin flame, how can you use that as an excuse anyway? A connection exists between your souls, yet somehow your soul develops amnesia over time? Seriously?

You can remember what your grandmother gave you for Christmas two years ago, but you forget all about your soulmate or twin flame? You can easily remember what happened in the season finale of your favorite television show. Yet you forget the spiritual union from six months ago? Are you kidding?


A soulmate or twin flame relationship is a spiritual partnership. And it’s like no other relationship. It is a new experience, and one that’s impossible to forget. No one would forget a near death experience, or any other life changing experience. Would you worry that your spiritual partner forgets the time they were almost eaten alive by an alligator? No. Who would forget something like that? No one, because it is an unforgettable memory.

When it comes to our emotional experiences the most significant always stay with us. They stand out. It could be an emotional experience of fear, anger, and of course, love. When our emotions are attached to an experience, the harder they are to forget.

Will My Soulmate or Twin Flame Forget Me if I Don't Contact Them?
Will My Soulmate or Twin Flame Forget Me?

So take something as simple as a roller coaster ride at an amusement park. If you go on a roller coaster, even when you were a small child, and had a highly emotional experience during the ride, you will never forget it.

You won’t be at an amusement park saying to yourself “I am not sure if I like roller coasters, I don’t know if I went on one before or if I liked it”. If you were terrified out of your mind on that roller coaster there’s no way, short of a memory altering head injury, you would EVER forget it.

And the same rings true in your relationship with your soulmate or twin flame. Your emotions reached those highs and lows because of the spiritual connection between you.


You no longer have to use this as your excuse to contact your soulmate or twin flame. No one is buying it in the first place, so just stop.

You have a greater chance of encountering a shark in your swimming pool than you do of your soulmate or twin flame forgetting about you because you lost contact. Your spiritual counterpart may try to forget about you. And they may be trying to live without you. But that’s part of their journey, and obviously part of their lessons. There is a reason they’re doing that.

Yes, it’s causing you pain, but you have to learn your own way of dealing with that pain. You can’t learn their lessons for them.

If they have to learn for themselves, that no matter how hard they try, they can’t forget about you, why would you interrupt that lesson by making contact? Why would you prolong the one lesson that could make them come back permanently because they realize they can’t live happily without you?

That makes no sense and does neither of you any good. So stop worrying that they won’t remember you if you don’t contact them. Let them work it out on their own.

And let them contact you.

Originally posted on 10/17/2017 @ 2:00 pm

5 thoughts on “Will My Soulmate or Twin Flame Forget Me if I Don’t Contact Them?”

  1. It’s scary when you are not in contact with soulmate or a twin flame. You wonder if they have moved and what they are thinking and feeling.

  2. I feel if I do not make contact they will make bigger mistakes that will cause even more problems down the line.

    • If you contact them though that will more than likely be a mistake on your end

  3. Hi! Great article…I have a question: what if a soulmate has been a runner for many years and the stayer moved on and married someone else… Should they still expect to be contacted by the runner when they accept the connection? Or is it possible the runner is awakened but does not want to contact their soulmate because they are married? Maybe the ex-runner is now expecting to be contacted? What are the usual dynamics in this scenario? Thanks!

    • It really truly depends on the people involved in the relationships as all are different and unique. The Runner has free will to decide what they want to do.

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