Rules for a Positive Experience with a Soulmate or Twin Flame

There are rules for a positive soulmate or twin flame experience.

Spiritual partners should have a goal in mind. For the relationship to remain harmonious, work must to be done. Hard work. Growth is hard, and so are the challenges in a soulmate and twin flame relationship.

There are, of course, some rules you can adhere to help you have a more positive experience with your soulmate or twin flame, rather than a negative one.


The first rule for a positive experience is to have faith and trust in your connection. Instead of questioning it, or thinking that the connection couldn’t possibly be real, understand you’re a rational person. You know factually you have never felt like this before. You know this time it is different.

So why question the existence of your connection?

Because the relationship isn’t perfect? It’s not supposed to be. We can learn lessons the hard way or the easy way.

Life lessons either of you should have learned by now, are sure to arise. Never got over that fear of abandonment before? Well, you’re going to have to now. Your soulmate or twin flame’s mere presence wont take that away.

They can’t heal it for you. You must do that on your own. Use your connection to draw strength you need to heal. Don’t let the connection scare you. Sure, it makes you vulnerable but it should also give you more strength than you’ve ever had before.

Even if your soulmate or twin flame is going through denial, don’t follow alongside them. Remain calm and steadfast. Believe in your heart and soul they will gain acceptance of your spiritual bond. There is a reason you’re in one another’s lives. So have faith the universe will reveal those reasons to you both. Don’t fight the lessons.


When you have the strength to know that if you’re doing the right thing, the universe will reward you. You don’t have to suffer and you don’t have to give in. And, you don’t have to do all the work. The universe doesn’t want you to do that. Do your share, not your partner’s share. Otherwise you are keeping them from their growth and potential.

Another rule for a positive soulmate relationship is to stop thinking your partner doesn’t share your connection. Just because the two of you are reacting to it differently, doesn’t mean the connection is only one-sided. Sitting around worrying your soulmate or twin flames doesn’t love you, or will leave you forever, is giving into fear.

Each of you must come to terms with the connection.

Not everyone is ready to embrace it right away. Sometimes, there is a period of adjustment. Don’t let anxiety take over, instead hold tight to your faith.

Rules for a Positive Experience with a Soulmate or Twin Flame
Rules for a Positive Experience with a Soulmate or Twin Flame

The soul connection, as well as the fact you feel it so strongly, should assure you that they’re in the same boat as you. It goes both ways. We realize they may not be acting like they feel the same way that you do.

The truth is, they are not you. Their reactions are different that yours, but that doesn’t always have a deeper meaning. Let them work their what is being awakened within themselves. Don’t let their behavior set you off. Don’t act out alongside them. Nothing good will come of that.


Stop being so concerned that your soulmate or twin flame is learning their lessons. It’s better for you to focus on what negative things about yourself you’re having to face right now and deal with them. You need to make changes. Don’t think that you don’t.

You are not perfect. Ask yourself what thoughts and feelings are overtaking you right now. Where are they really coming from? It goes much deeper than just what is happening right now. So go deeper. Find what is really being dredged up from inside you and why. That is where the healing starts.

If your spiritual partner creates distance between the two of you stop worrying and wondering about them. Your imagination will offer you no real clues, only worst case scenarios. It’s funny how so many clients ask us if their partner is learning anything while they’re apart. I most cases, the answer is no. They don’t like that answer at all.

So we politely ask them if they’re working on themselves during this time or just obsessing about their partner. They admit they are not doing any productive work, they are too busy being miserable. What a waste of valuable time.

Use the time productively to learn what you are supposed to.

It is NEVER only one soulmate or twin flame who is supposed to make changes and grow. It’s always both. Sometimes separation is required for certain lessons. If you don’t learn them while apart, guess what is going to happen? You are going to wind up apart, again and again, until you do. Sounds like fun? Didn’t think so, so get to work so you don’t have to deal with this again.

Soulmate and twin flame relationships often do have some negative and some positive experiences. If you focus on the positive, and keep your faith and dignity, your relationship will reflect that.

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