Relationship Drama for Soulmates and Twin Flames

Relationship drama happens between many soulmate and twin flame couples. If they don’t deal with strong emotions properly, there will be tons of drama and chaos.

Spiritual partnerships are not like romance novels or fairy tales for most couples.


Many soulmates and twin flames expect smooth sailing relationships where everything clicks along perfectly. But it seldom it happens this way. Instead they get something that resembles a nightmare.

They don’t expect the acting out, fighting, denial or the obstacles and challenges. They believe if this is the universe’s great plan for their lives, the plan will guarantee a positive, happy ending.

Many people who experience relationship drama believe the universe is actually punishing them. They ask us what they do that’s so bad the universe brings such heartache into their lives.

Why isn’t their relationship the easy, peaceful union they see in books and romance movies? Why does the universe connect them to someone who comes with so much drama? How does something that can make them so happy need to bring so much misery?

Why does the universe’s plan turn out so badly? Couldn’t they have picked a soulmate or twin flame that wasn’t so melodramatic?

Well the universe did select and choose a soul union for you and you for them. The universe controls that choice by making sure you cross paths to establish your connection.

And then the universe backs off. It’s up to each of you to create the a spiritual partnership. Sadly, many if not most, create one with drama and heartache.

Relationship Drama for Soulmates and Twin Flames
Relationship Drama for Soulmates and Twin Flames


So why are these relationships often filled with chaos and over the top behavior? Well it’s the intense emotions and longing that’s a catalyst for this type of drama. But it should be a catalyst for growth and moving on a more spiritual path.

But that’s up to the couple, not the universe.

The emotion of love is not the cause of the problems in soulmate and twin flame relationships. Actually, it’s fear. Why does a couple experiencing such a deep connection experience so much fear instead of faith?

Soulmate and twin flame relationships are filled with triggers that set off deep-rooted insecurities and issues they either bury or chose to ignore. If they don’t embrace what needs to change, they open the door to negativity and drama.

For instance, let’s say your spiritual counterpart has trust issues.

Upon meeting they feel the instant connection and are aware there’s something special between you. They may even acknowledge you are share a special connection.

You might think this should help them overcome their trust issues, right? Yes and no.

If they have faith in the connection, they trust the connection and it’s easier for them to trust you. This may be one of the lessons the universe wants them to learn and what they need to address for their personal growth.

If, on the other hand, they don’t have faith in the connection, they won’t trust the connection. Instead, they will fear it. As that fear grows, their tendency to distrust you grows, and so does the relationship drama.

With all twin flame or soulmate relationships a certain amount of drama can be expected and is no cause for alarm. If a relationship has more drama than a reality show, it’s time to do some damage control.

The less drama in your spiritual partnership, the happier you both will be. Because if you both get to caught up in it, you may not be able to see your way out of it.

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