Can You Trust Your Soulmate Or Twin Flame?

Can you trust your soulmate or twin flame? Well, that depends. Has your soulmate or twin flame done anything to cause you to lose your trust in them? If not, it may be your own trust issues getting in the way of your relationship. Either way, the issue of trust needs to be addressed or this relationship won’t be able to grow. A relationship without trust is a dysfunctional relationship. If you have reason not to trust your soulmate or twin flame the two of you need to work it out together.


Your soulmate or twin flame may constantly break plans or fail to show up for dates, outings and family gatherings. They may promise to spend time with you then don’t make the time to be with you. Your soulmate or twin flame may tell you they will never bring up certain subjects or be cruel the next time you fight. Lo and behold they did it again and you find it hard to believe a single word they say.

Promises mean nothing, and neither does their word. Apologies seem empty because they can’t really be sorry if they keep doing it. If your soulmate or twin flame has lied repeatedly, you can’t believe a word they say. If your soulmate or twin flame has cheated on you, the trust went out the window. What can you do at this point? Can you ever get trust back into a soulmate ir twin flame relationship like this?


Yes you can. We have seen it happen. It doesn’t happen by magic, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen. Both parties have to be committed to working on this problem. Both soulmates or twin flames have to agree to work on it long term and have an understanding of how fragile the relationship is right now. You both also must be realistic and realize it is going to take time to build trust again. One soulmate or twin flame can’t do it alone, it takes two.


Can You Trust Your Soul Mate
Can You Trust Your Soul Mate?

A good idea would be to get together and talk about where the trust was broken. Don’t rehash and argue, just point out the areas that led to the destruction of the trust. Then take some time to listen to the person who felt violated. Don’t make promises right now. Promises have been made before and its difficult to believe any promises made at this point, especially from someone who has broken them over and over again. After you have talked, the other soulmate or twin flame needs to understand these issues are serious. If they do not address them and make changes, this relationship will go from dysfunctional to volatile (if it hasn’t already) and stands a good chance of ending.


You need to write a contract together. Write down, one by one, what behaviors need to change. Both parties have to agree and have their say of what they need. This needs to be about trust, leave all other issues out for now. The focus needs to remain on rebuilding the trust. Once the list is compiled, each should take a copy, and read over it when they have a moment alone. Then each of you should initial each item listed to show you understand and agree. The time for questions or clarity would be now, not later. Each soulmate or twin flame gets a copy of the list and agree going forward this is a new start, and the past is gone. This can help the two of you start fresh and begin to trust one another again.

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