Past Relationships Interfering In Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

Are past relationships interfering with your soulmate or twin flame relationship? Think about what your learned in past relationships. The behaviors and patterns from them can often ruin the ones you’re currently in. Being hung up on an ex, for instance, is a way your past keeps you from moving towards the future and focusing on the present. Starting a relationship before you’re really over your ex or as a way to get over your ex, only leads to re-bound relationships. Yes, soulmate and twin flame relationships can start too soon after a break up. That is not to say the relationship doesn’t stand a chance. But detoxing from any past relationship is crucial. Time is needed to let go of past destructive behaviors and patterns.


Past Relationships Interfering In Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships
Past Relationships Interfering In Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

When cheating occurs in a past relationship, any future relationship may be subject to insecurity and trust issues. If the person you are currently with was cheated on in their past, he may have problems trusting. Either way, both parties have to start fresh.

You have to allow the new person in your life to earn your trust. Starting out by not trusting a person never allows trust the chance to grow. So the relationship is doomed from the start. Since the connection between soulmates and twin flames causes heightened emotions, it’s easy to see how trust issues and insecurity can get way out of hand.


There is nothing wrong with learning from your past relationships. Soulmates and twin flame relationships are all about learning lessons. Learning from a past relationship can help your future relationships become better ones. Holding onto your emotional baggage from past relationships sabotages your new ones.

You may be insecure or have a problem with jealousy or control. Has this caused problems in your past relationships? If they have, doesn’t it stand to reason they will be the same issues in your soulmate or twin flame relationship too? It’s time you look at why your past relationships failed. What can you do to make the changes necessary to give the new one a real chance at making it.

When you past relationship ended, it’s hold on your ends as well. Problems you had with an ex has nothing to do with your soulmate or twin flame. Let go of them physically, mentally and emotionally.  Don’t continue or encourage contact with any ex. If you must continue to communicate with them because of children, then set strict boundaries. An ex can’t interfere without you allowing them to.

A soulmate or twin flame shouldn’t suffer for something they are not responsible for. Leave the past in the past. Start fresh. It is up to you and your soulmate or twin flame to keep the past in the past. Put closure on your past relationships, learn from them, and move on.



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  1. Learning from past relationships is better than repeating the same mistakes. I really had to stop the cycle, it was like the same relationship over and over again!


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