Rebound Relationships for Soulmates and Twin Flames

Rebound relationships for soulmates and twin flames are a form of escapism.

A spiritual connection brings out the best and worst in people. Not everyone embraces their new found connection. It’s a completely new feeling, with no instructions and no experience to know how to deal with it.

Sure, the connection feels great at first. But then discomfort kicks in. Worry comes with it. The fear grows and grows. This almost always leads to a really bad decision on someone’s part. One such really bad decision is to enter a rebound relationship.


Rebound relationships for soulmates and twin flames are a form of sabotage. Instead of working through fear, they react to it. What they do never really makes logical sense. The explanations given make little sense as well. However, for the soulmate or twin flame, it’s their only course of action.

There is a certain comfort in the known. Yes, you know your previous relationship was toxic. But you know the worst of it. There are no surprises there. Your ex can’t do anything to shock you anymore. Their bad side is all too familiar to you.

And your soulmate or twin flame is new to you. Their good side is amazing. The relationship is better than you could ever imagine. But you don’t know their bad side. You don’t want to think they would ever leave you but you’re not sure.

What are they like when they fight? How do you know their feelings for you won’t change. All these things you don’t know make you uneasy. You could get hurt more than your ex or anyone else has hurt you before. These unanswered questions eat at someone. Once they get so scared they can’t take it, they look for an exit.


For them, the way out is easy. Either get back with an ex or find someone new. Things won’t get better with their ex, of course. It will be the same toxic mess it was before but there will be no surprises. And let’s face it, they’re used to toxic relationships.

Rebound Relationships for Soulmates and Twin Flames
Rebound Relationships for Soulmates and Twin Flames

What they’re not used to is a spiritual relationship. Not that any of this is a good excuse, because it’s not. It’s actually a complete waste of time and really, really stupid. However, this is a very popular reaction to the soulmate and twin flame connection.

The partner left behind is totally blindsided. They can’t believe their soulmate or twin flame would go back to such an awful relationship. You know all the gory details as to just how awful it is, so why go back to them? They must still have unresolved feelings for them, right?


Don’t confuse love with fear. They didn’t go back for love. The truth is, they left out of fear. Rest assured it won’t work out. In so many, many cases these soulmates and twin flames come back.


Rebound relationships for soulmate and twin flames are also a way to test the connection. Denial of the spiritual connection between twin flames and soulmates is commonplace. It’s hard to fully believe them, even if you feel it in your soul.

You question your sanity, because it’s so intense. The full range of emotions can be overwhelming, but it makes no sense. You haven’t known this person very long. Maybe it’s just strong chemistry.

Perhaps you both have been moving the relationship along way too fast. This connection can’t control you like this, you won’t let it. So you end the relationship, and enter another one, either with an ex or a new person.

That should prove the connection wasn’t real. Now you should be able to stop thinking about your soulmate or twin flame. Your feelings for them should go away over time. Yeah, none of that really happens. But the soulmate or twin flame had to test it. In doing so, they learn they connection is indeed real.

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